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Apr 22, 2014
1-Download free footage video at . Trial available .

2-Download free loyalty images at and

3-Get Camtasia Studio (Trial available) and Audio Video Spinner (free version available)

4-Start to produce many videos as you can

5-Go to Clickbank and get affiliate links related to the videos you produced

6-Go to Google keyword tool and get a huge list of keywords with low competition related to the products you want to promote

7-Google "Top video sharing websites" of course Youtube is the best

8-Start to upload the videos , remember to add the affiliate links in the description (use a short URL) . Make sure do not open more than one youtube channel with each Google account. Also do not link the google accounts.

9-Make sure vary the keywords in title, description and tags

10-Share the videos on Social Networks

11-Wait 7-10 days and check the rank of each videos in google using the keywords you have optimized in each video.

12-Select the best ranked and start to build some backlinks to all those videos in forums or blogs related to the keywords. Write some articles and insert the videos in the articles

13-Wait 7-10 days more and check if there is other ranked videos and build the backs links also build more backlinks for the first group.

14-After 4 weeks change title, description and tags of all videos that has not rank in their keywords and repeat the process.

15-Make sure set to approve manually the youtube comments. Check the comments and reply all of them

16-Continue creating more videos and rank all those videos and repeat the process.

17-Every month check the rank of the videos and try to increase it

18-The first goal is to rank 100 videos on the first page. To reach this goal you must select the best 100 ranked videos and work with them. Buy some comments and likes and keep sharing those videos in social networks.

19-Upload 2-3 videos daily related to the most popular keywords. Due the popular keywords has high competition you cannot rank the video but many people love fresh content. For example when people search on google they dont want to see/read old content so they set the time to last month or last 24 hours so if you have uploaded some fresh video you can get a lot of good traffic from google. Also people love to find videos from an specific year some make sure upload some videos adding the year in the tile and description for example "The best SEO tool 2015" or "the best diet plan 2014".

20-Go to marketplace like warriorplus and check the calendar. Try to rank videos about the incoming products before the launch date. People love search on google for the products before buy it. For example if the name of the product is "SEO in one step" then upload videos optimized with title "SEO in one step review" "do not buy SEO in one step before to watch this video" , do not use the word "Scam" because many seller could get mad with you. Of course apply as affiliate of the products and add the affiliate links in the description of the video. Continue doing the same with each incoming product and you will sell a lot.

I hope you like it :).

Please comment :)
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the only modification i'd do is related to the order of the tasks right in the beginning, i think the logic is failing a bit there :p, if i were me, i'd pick products on CB at first and just after that do the other steps, because what if i produce videos and i won't find appropriate products for it, like if i make a kick ass video in the nanoniche of inflatable rubber ducks without head? that would be a waste of time

other than that - similarly to tayaX above - i don't see why this wouldn't work
Blackhat World is great because of the amount of ideas people put out there, but this method isn't profitable vs. the time invested. Sorry. Objective feedback here.
Yes it is not to get money fast but you can create a good base for passive income. also you can automate the process using software (of course I always use software) for example I use Audio Video Spinner to create 100 videos automatically daily. I use the footage library of the software and loyalty images from Also I use a video uploader to upload all videos in unlimited youtube accounts and also facebook and linkedin. In fact I use this method to guide to my users check my webinar here so this method works (you will see the same method in the webinar page).

Of course you can use other software or you can follow the process manually. If you are patience you dont need to invest in software. I am using this method since 2010 before I develop my tools so this method works with or without software.

Blackhat World is great because of the amount of ideas people put out there, but this method isn't profitable vs. the time invested. Sorry. Objective feedback here.
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