Making Money Online - precursor to a guide


Dec 7, 2008
I'm starting a site, bought the domain and started hosting a few days ago to be informative and monetized by adsense at to cater to the more technical crowd looking for work opportunities that aren't scams via telecommuting methods.

I'll mention a much overlooked way of doing this in this post, just one for now and state that I've had some success doing it.

Back years ago, google had a program running called google answers and those answer gurus and people highly skilled at information hunting were into it so much because it was based upon a person bids and pays you for answers set up.
Today that's been brought up to date and netizens are hitting these places to find obscure informations to small questions like "what's that song" or "how much money could I make in this career?". Monetized by escrow is the best idea, where a bidder pays up front and chooses an answer, if any answers his question. Questions are usually reviewed by the bidder only and decided payouts by the bidder only with the possibility of a refund. Site ToS's may be set up to keep your money if you don't accept an answer that fully covers your question.

These are knowledge markets, where information is time and money. Whether looking to save time or get an answer to a question you've been asking yourself or others for years and not likely to come soon, these are your place for asking.

I say they're your place for asking because many of these sites are cliquish and get overtly combative if a non-member of their group, still a user of the site answers a question before them without reaping payment benefits. I do this to keep sharp and help people avoid paying these tards because they are too elitist and exclusive and often not up to par with answering the questions competently.
On a few places, my favorite being innocentive, you can write out several page proposals for solutions, novel or innovative or driven by patents or otherwise public information to get them to the point of completing their goal. Innocentive pays out marginally (by a huge amount) the most of any of these sites for answers proposed by corporations, individuals and companies. The lowest you're going to find bid-wise there is 1,000$ and the highest probably 50,000$. These questions sit there for 1 to 3 months usually while proposals are collecting and then reviewed and paid out on the due date, so if you're a good researcher with patience and excellent written communication skills, both comprehensively and communicatively you'll do well to attempt as many as possible as well as possible, hoping to be the number one answer. Some questions pay out to the top 3 people, just like a contest.

Here's a wiki reference where you can find a link to more resources like this, albeit with shorter answers to more mundane topics:


Good luck in your information-hunt and feel free to join my forum at to discuss information hunting for profit. I haven't set up the forums yet, just installed phpBB but feel free to register if you can. I'll set them up completely in the next two days with stickied resources and the like. I'm thinking of turning my into a forum too, but not sure.


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