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    This is going to change lives. I don't know how many, but you will thank me for this when you see what I'm on about. I'm just going to flow through this, this is kind of like one of those motivational posts, see? Be ready for a powerful perspective if you dont already see the picture like this.

    Let's take a look at second life. You know how people want to make some money on second life? Well, to do that, you got to get in there and live a second life. You gotta live that life, or pay others to, full time and it can pay off or not. I have never done it, but I've done a fair bit of research on it. What did I learn? A lot. Mostly I was reminded of relativity. More on this soon...

    If you want to make money online, you have to work. No doubt about that. But what if all you do in your life is work? What are the fruits of your labor? Just money? And if you take the size of your "real life social life" and compare it to the size of "the people the internet makes it possible to socialize with", then why the hell do 90% of the people online - IM's included, we don't all talk on forums, hell I'm STILL waiting to make real "inter-site" friends - why do 90% of the people online today only talk to the small portion of their "real life social life" that is actually online?

    Myspace... We all know it is risky to surf there, regardless of your browser of AVcondom. It has the flush of ads and the malicious shit just can't be stopped, clicks fly through that bitch like bullets out of the barrel. But that's where the consumer chills. Take IM out of the equation, because nearly every IM has a myspace. Let's look at this group of people who actually FEAR, for example, searching on google because the last time they tried that when looking for... yep... myspace codez they got a warning that the site could be harmful. Scared of google. Fucking love myspace.

    I can't name 5 people that I see often, but if I saw 5 people often out of everyone I know "in real life", odds are that I would only be able to name 1 of 5 who "shop online" in every 5 groups of five. That's just a quick "hey brain, about how many people do I know? ok, and how many of them shop, online or not? online" and The Brain? has also just told me that of each 4 I can actually see shopping online, all but three of them are top-level type ins. I am a top level type in on most occasions, ok? lol.

    Now, enough fuzzy-math. Back to second life. There is no denying at all - you feel this instinctively - there is something inherently evil about second life. Not the users. Maybe some are, who knows? Some people REALLY take their avatars serious on online games. But the evil that I am talking about is far more sinister than repressed tards who like to pick on the people who are trying to be social on the SL servers of their liking. I know you noticed that italic, it's a pretty important word. The key code is 223.

    Second life is a little self contained world. An antfarm for people. Twitter, the fun RSS "for people"? "Hmmm, say, how do we track them all?" "I know! We'll make them track THEMSELVES and make them LOVE DOING IT". Google already tracks you entirely. Adsense pays well enough, and earns them money, they do not share enough of it for the real reason they serve ads. Which is for the data behind it, the real time data. In the same way you can't access a lot of Google's data, You do not have the access to the data the linden labs have in the memoriez. And no, I would not suggest that you would even want it (you better have a lot of people to sift it, or a supercomputer farm... and... they have both...).

    This is not about research, this is about participation. You participate and become popular in second life, live your life on there and you will make money in it. If you only work online, you are completely missing the entire social market right in front of your face.

    Fuck keywords, fuck strategies, it's all lame without personality and partaking in the "world" around you. See? In real life, the more social and approachable you are, the more you can do. In second life, the internetworld-in-the-internet, it is really just another myspace presented differently, a stripped down MMO with other features extended, an html page rendered in a 3D world... the comparisons go on and on. But what the real world and the second life have in common is that they are social-for-success. Be yourself. That is your freedom on the internet. That is a freedom in second life with custom avatars. These freedoms can't be had in real life - you all know about fake profiles, alter egos. Second lifers can pull that off because their world is based on it. If you LIVE on the internet, you will be where the internet goes to throw it's money at.

    If you LIVE on second life, someone is going to be paying you to run the customer rep positions and bartender gigs. lol. Similar to living in real life. If you live a social life online, you will prosper. Or people will see you are just a fink and you'll have to go live in second life.

    PPC? It's dead folks. For you and I, anyway. The economy is getting rough, and the online consumer "aint goin nowhere". Big business is about to be way more competitive online to keep their money and keep the consumer at home. Meaning, instead of leaving affiliates to do things, they will be hiring a few of the best and having them do it at bids that you won't be able to afford, and that they won't mind because the competition is gone, and they're then only competing with their "real world" competitors from "before the damn internet" and don't have to worry about the little guy in his scivvies out-ranking them anymore. Another little side effect of the "planned economical collapse" the world faces.

    That does mean there will be more money to be made online, though. You just will need to be social and producing content of high quality. Amen. Clicks are going to go up - this is all good for content producers, make no mistake. Solo ppc dudes, that's it, see ya in the blogosphere, if you happen to be in the same corner of it as me.

    You can figure out the rest on your own.
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