Making Money Online [Broken Down]

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    This is for newbies and intermediate-bies. I know this forum has overwhelming tips and tons of info and I've broken down the stuffs that will really make you succeed in IM. I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible. These are the core methods which you can twist, turn or tango with.

    Here are the methods :

    Youtube, Autoblogs, buy sites etc -> send traffic to adsense/affiliate review site(s) with/without content lock
    Find offline companies that are looking for leads -> Engage a CPA company
    Tagged, POF, Facebook -> Send traffic to dating offers, health products offers
    Create own ebook/product/service -> Look for affiliates
    Buy low, Sell high -> Refering to products dropshipping, cheap services which you sell at higher price
    Offline marketing -> Flyers, SMS marketing, Newspaper advertising etc

    Some golden rules to follow:
    1) Find a good offer, send targeted traffic
    2) Find a good offer, send mass traffic
    3) Find a bad offer, send targeted traffic

    It's all about the traffic.
    You can have the worst offer/product ever in the world but if you have targeted traffic (i.e dumb as f**k people), they will still buy your shit.. ;P

    Always, always remember it's not about the product (partially, maybe). It's more about the traffic. That's the hardest part of internet marketing.

    Lots of ebooks/wso's etc concentrate more on page design, ads locations etc but they take out the most important part of the equation.
    Concentrate more on getting traffic.

    Three main types of traffic sources:

    1) SEO
    2) Paid traffic
    3) Spam

    And one more thing, you won't be able to make $100 per day on autopilot if you're not willing to even spend a dime.
    Unless you're a coder.. :)

    That's all folks.. Good night.