Making Money on Twitter With 5 Million+ Followers on Autopilot

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    I have a Twitter following of over 5 million followers spread over ~15 accounts in different niches.

    My goal is to monetize this following on complete autopilot.

    My idea is to make a website in which clients can go and have access to my whole network of twitter followers. The client would purchase a tweet through PayPal. And after sending payment would be able to tweet whatever they want to all my twitter followers at once.

    What I'd need to do this:

    -Figure out how to make the website. I need to figure out how to create the website from a functional perspective. How to give access to the accounts after going through PayPal.

    -Have a way of preventing people from tweeting anything that can get my accounts banned. (They can tweet anything besides what will get me banned on Twitter)

    -Market my twitter following to the right people who will purchase tweets. I figure I only need one or two regular buyers. When my following was half the size, I used to make $300+ a day over 10 tweets. So about $30 dollars a tweet. There are people who know more about monetizing who make even more. For someone who knows what they're doing, tweeting to my network for $20 a tweet would be like printing money. Its all about finding these people.

    I'm making this thread to ask for any incite people have over the functionality of such a website. Things I should be aware of Etc.

    Also please don't PM me right now asking what accounts I have or asking to buy one off tweets.
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    Ok gudluck then
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    I would suggest starting a Journey thread for this.

    In terms of the Web Development, if you aren't interested in learning the skills to do so you can hire a freelancer here (or on various other sites) or visit the Marketplace for web design. You or whomever you hire may want to start here:

    With low volume like that, I would handle quality control yourself, then perhaps hire a VA to cover it while you go to work on other ventures. Or a JV? All options.

    Best of luck!