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    One way or another we are all trying to make money. To milk the market we have to understand few principles of supply and demand, who needs our services and how to provide them to the right customer.

    There are thousands of ways to make money online but if you think about how to increase the earnings try to think out of the box.

    My IM experience of few years made me think about services people provide and here s what i came up with over the years.

    Web Design
    How many web designers have you seen post their ads on whatever websites, but the designers dont have a website for their business or portfolio.

    Now i guarantee you that if you come up with a unique design and do a good portfolio your services will sell themselves.
    Of course marketing is essential, but you know where im getting here.
    I have had many customers that told me that they picked me, because my website stood out (pm for link). So the idea is make your service sell itself.

    SEO Is the same thing, to get customers you gotta show them your work, and what can be better than ranking your own website for SEO (local) keywords as example of what your company achieved and how many visitors you are getting.

    Now the twist in SEO i came up with is: to teach SEO instead of providing it. The market is big enough and once you tell people how much SEO costs they would want to learn it. There are still many web design companies that dont have SEO department. Call them, email them or just go talk to them directly. Be a consultant on how to do SEO.

    Now this is my favorite.
    How many of us thought about selling ebooks (probably 90%), but didnt know how and where to start. Write an Ebook about writing and selling ebooks, trust me you will sell ).

    Instead of buying all the links like we all do, why not build your own network and use it for personal use. Go one step forward and than everybody will want links from you as well, which you can make good money of as well.

    Youtube could be a good market as well. What do people lack when they think about making money there? probably a video! So go one step ahead and create videos for those people, show them stats you were able to achieve with what you did and help them do it for $$$.

    Social Networks
    Now with this type its a little harder, because we simply cant build a big network such as facebook. So we have to try and capture the most of the existing facebook. Crate accounts and build pages. Dont do one picture clones without a legit email, try to spend more time and build a network within the network, which will be very useful later on.

    CPA is the same thing, people that make money on CPA have knowledge of mass email, or webdesign + bringing traffic to the site. Create a website that provides those services and you will be busy day and night. Show people how to monetize better and for the $$$ make them that website with a list of possible CPA offers that suite his theme.

    The only thing i dont recommend is website flipping, and you would ask why. Well because its either gonna be a scam or not profitable for you and there is no other way. If you scam people, you are not gonna sell many of those websites, but if you sell the websites for less than 15 month profit (which is close to impossible) than you have no idea about making money.

    So the idea of the day is go big, think what services you used or would use for things you do and start providing those services.