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Oct 29, 2005
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I posted this on so i thought i would share for you guys.

Now dont get me wrong this is mainly wrote for Pay Per Install, but it can work with those CPA zip submits too, its all down to how you edit your URL page in the DRM. And yes in your panel it can be modified live, so if you have 50,000 shares of it, when you change url, it can be updated live.

Heres the post.

Simple guide to making DRM videos for free to promote Pay Per Install

Ok im gonna try and make this short and sweet and instead of going into detail i will make it basic.

What you first want to do is quickly go on p2p and download a WMV video of a size you would like to use.

Say ours is about 5mb That should do just for an example.

Next we goto and signup for Vidlock free.

I think you get 50 licenses to start for free, we will never use them, this means license as in when they actually use the license (pay for a video) it will take a license off, but since ours is kinda spoofed we wont use it, or any of them.

Ok Now once your all signed up and things goto Content, this is on the top navbar, it should show up a part where you can add in A category name.

Throw in something like P2P and hit Create

Next we Can see it so we click on Edit

Make it like this

Playcount 1 Duration 1

And for your url, your gonna have to use one on your hosting

For example take my source out of this link
And copy it and modify it to load your exe. Or change the text etc...

So in license url put (my example)

And Success url (make this something that doesnt exist) so your licenses never get touched (we dont want them too)
We just wanna create a fake DRM so users will try to view the video and think they have to install the license or codec.

Now once you make your custom url and linked all up your exe, to,,,,,, or , dont wanna leave any company out cause they all work.

Its time to use your very first wmv file now and encode it

Now download the vidlock application at

Once you have it installed, enter your user and pass, goto add the file you downloaded at start yes the "any wmv file" and load it in, now we pick the category you first made (in this example it was P2P) and voila hit GO GO GO!

You now have a custom made FREE DRM installer, now promote some fake videos in torrents or p2p.

Does this make sense ? Who knows, correct me if i am too tired.
This is all I ever wanted out of this forum (except of course for a free copy of xrumer).

Thanks a billion HaRRo, you're the man.


The thing is.. not many of us really know what DRM is..we are 100 steps behind you in these things :p
holy crap, awesome dude! i asked for this on the other forum, good looks !
Will some one explaine what is DRM???
Never heart of it - is it new?

All the best

Will some one explaine what is DRM???
Never heart of it - is it new?

All the best


DRM is a technology that allows publishers to control access to the media they distribute. For example if you buy a video that has DRM protection unless you have the license you cant view the video.

IN our case we use Drm to protect videos and make the popup window that's supposed to display the license, either plant a PPI on the views PC or show him a CPA offer in it.​
So am I right in thinking this makes the type of videos that when you open then bring up an EXE "license" to be able to play them?
So am I right in thinking this makes the type of videos that when you open then bring up an EXE "license" to be able to play them?

Correct but you edit the HTML, so you can have it load up a ZIP submit offer as a fake license thingy majigger :D
Okay cool thanks :) Now gotta wait for approval from VombaCash since my WaveRevenue account doesn't work properly :rolleyes:
Will it work if I direct-link to the exe, or do I have to create an html "landing page"?

You can directly link it someone will install it, but i guess for best Install rate, make a pretty legit looking landing page :D
whats the best cpa company to use for these zip submits?? I cant get accepted into azoogle and copeac doesnt really have many zip submit offers.
Does this only work with wmv or also avi and other codecs ? That sounds realyl intersting... :)

I think did download such a video somwhere and it asked for a special codec, but didnt download it of course.

You are talking about "fake videos", isnt it possible to P2P with full content videos, but they only can see them full if they install it or go to the page to the affiliate leads or anything. I mean people look into the the size of the video and if its a fake, the size is small so they avoid to download it..isnt it ?
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Is there any way i can get a direct download url from zango i can send people to?
This is a very good method, I have found however that it is useless on p2p programs such as limewire as the search results tell you whether a video is protected by DRM and 99.9% of people wont bother downloading them if they are.
so then pick edonkey or try shareaza instead and see if it can tell from the other end that your file is drm'd, or you can always put it in a zip... come on, be creative!
edonkey is dead :D but yeh ill give shareaza a go, thanks for the tip :)

as for zipping not sure how effective this would be as it would then be searched under "applications" but i suppose could bundle a few together :)
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