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    Wassup guys. I'm making this thread to basically motivate me and also help you guys out that might be doing the same thing. This is not a get rich quick deal and what I'm doing is a ton of work.

    So the very first thing I did was search Clickbank and pick a offer. When I search for a offer I'm looking for 2 things.

    1 - is it getting slot of social buzz.
    2 - Does it offer rebilling

    Why promote something if you can't get paid every month.

    The next thing I did was scrape a bunch of keywords focusing on my niche. You can use scrapebox for this or search "keyword shitter" on Google to do this.

    Once I got these keywords and checking out their monthly sesrched, I can start to get a angle on how I want to promote it.

    I'm focusing at first a minimum of 40 searches a month. Anything under 40 don't target it. I save all these keywords in a text file. I want my mainline bid to be under $0.15

    So once I got my keywords, I head over to Getresponse and create a free account. They give you 250 subs until they charge you.

    Next I use a domain that I already have using a sub domain to use to promote with. I create my own landing pages from scratch. These convert better because they are 100% unique.

    That's where I'm at right now. I'm launching tomorrow so I'll post then and explain what I'm doing..

    Stay tuned.
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    Interested in that as well. Will follow you on your journey
    Do you already have a offer/niche?

    Good luck!