making *anokha* a tool for automation, need suggestions, feedbacks and testers

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    i am building a software which is basically meant to automate all the things which can be automated, like scraping, commenting, registration etc.

    my software is kind of a compiler/executer itself which takes in instructions from a txt file(will call it the procedure) and it will do accourdingly with all the links supplied to it.

    i will need your support to test it for various conditions and suggest me what should i add to make it more usable.

    Current Features

    • Support Proxies, Rotates automatically
    • Multi Threaded, Set Number of Threads to whatever you like
    • Supports Decaptcha, Manual Captcha Fill In (it will Prompt if captcha is found), Ignore Captcha
    • Read Emails Using POP, and save them to a Folder
    • Scrape Data from Web/Local Pages (in a folder)
    • has a inbuilt text spinner (ie can generate an output from {hi|hello}, and even nested ones like :: a{b|{cq|dz}|e}
    yeah i know that sounds a very small list right now, but thats not all. its main function is to read Procedure files and identify instructions and execute them.

    Currently i have the following Instructions which can be used ::

    • get page (get url using GET method, + Data can be specified to be sent to server)
    • post link (get url using POST method, + Data can be specified to be posted)
    • submit form (automatically gathers info in all Hidden fields and simulates Button click, user can specify the text fields data)
    • login email (login a POP email service, u need to specify host, port, username, password, use ssl)
    • read emails (download all email which are new and save them to a folder)
    • logout from email
    • open all files in a folder and scrape text -> u can specify a Regex to extract your desired info, like emails, or links
    • remove duplicate lines in a file -> if you have a list of emails or URLs and want to remove the duplicates
    • set variable_name to "something"
    i know that may sound like a lot of work to use it properly but that wont be the case. i am thinking that i will make to procedures myself so you can just supply your list and it will work on it. and those who wish to make it do something new can make new procedures.

    what will the procedure be like ?
    they are supposed to be human readable txt files, for example, i have made "scrape_google.txt", you just set it as the procedure, and specify the path to your keywords list, and for each keywords, it will scrape google first 1000 results and append in a file which you specify.

    List of Procedures i intend to build
    Scrape Google (Done)
    Comment on Wordpress Post (Done)
    register on phpbb forum (not Done)
    register on vbulletin forum (not Done)
    register on smf forum (not Done)
    register on IPB forum (not Done)
    scrape yahoo (not Done)
    scrape bing (not Done)
    comment on expression engine (not Done)
    register on gmail (not Done)
    register on yahoo mail (not Done)
    register on hotmail (not Done)
    submit article to article sites(ezinearticles/goarticles etc) (not Done)
    register account on facebook (not Done)
    register account on twitter (not Done)

    yeah i know, thats a lot of (not Done)'s in here, i am working hard everyday to give you the best.

    so you will be able to use any of the one you require for your purposes.
    i hope to release the software soon, so you will be able to test it, working on the interface a bit, it may still be some time before its available for actual use.

    What i want you to do once i release the thing ?
    Test it, with bigger lists, tell me if its not able to identify captcha on any site, so i can modify the program, tell me if you want to see any new features.

    i hope that my work will be of great use to you all. :)
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    anokha? anokha = unique right?
    I will love to beta test it... I have win 7 and xp 32 bit system
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    Warning : This is Going to SOUND very complicated at first, but thats only until you have run it once, after that you will get used to it gradually.:D

    heres the download Links

    Rapidshare ::
    Direct ::

    no setup (yet), just extract, aintain directory structure and run "anokha.exe"

    VirusTotal ::

    The One RED is From

    Sophos         4.59.0         2010.11.23     DeCaptcher CAPTCHA Breaker
    Yeah, i Put that in it :)

    okay, so it is still in development so dont expect wonders, i will explain how to run ur list in it, and u can ask any questions.

    the Default Procedure which will be Loaded in the program will be "wordpress_comment.txt", all the procedures are located in the "data" folder.

    if you open the "wordpress_comment.txt", you will see the followling lines ::

    set```username```file```project 1\usernames.txt
    set```url```file```project 1\urls.txt
    set```email```file```project 1\emails.txt
    set```comment```file```project 1\comment.txt
    submit```wp-comments-post.php```0```author={username}^^^url={*****^^^em  ail={email}^^^comment={comment}
    this basically tell the program what to do with the Link you supply.
    first it GET's the link (theres a POST available, more details on request)
    second,third foruth and fifth line basically assigns a String to a Variable, in this case, the line is taken from the 'file', and one random line is chosen, the line is then spinned if it is in a format of {a|{bx|dx}|c}, so you can use it later.

    submit basically is Submitting a Form which is found on the Page last loaded, in this case it will be from the line get```{link}
    the "wp-comments-post.php" in the last line specifies that this string must be found in the form (ie between <form> .... </form>) so in case of multiple forms on the page it can decide, if no form meets the condition, then it will submit the 0th form (because of the number specified in that line).

    the rest of the part, well actually you can remove it as now the app will do that work itself, so just remove it. but what it does is it adds extra fields to be POSTed to the server when submitting the form. also using "submit" will make the program automatically gather all the HIDDEN fields in the form, so no need to worry about them.

    next comes the FILES.
    using a command like ::
    set```email```file```project 1\emails.txt

    it opens the file, takes a random line, and if any {a|b} are found then it will spin it, that is the output will be either 'a' or 'b'
    you can see the files for more example.

    you can change a bit of setting, the number of threads it will run simultaneously, and decaptcher info (not needed, i have put in mine, if it recognises a image captcha then it will do it (most probably).

    also, please make a "temp" folder in your C drive, it is used for storing captcha images, i didnt tested it but the software may crash if that folder is not found just in case :-/

    put in proxies in the proxies file if you want to use proxies. proxies in format ::

    it will rotate the proxies itself.

    Ask me anytime, anything, any question you may have in mind.

    i am available here, and at

    you can do a lot more with this soft then just wordpress comment, like scraping google, registering bulk gmail accounts, spamming on forums etc.

    right now i am still developing it, so expect a LOT of errors and Bugs, and please do tell me also.

    and yeah, the reporting system of this dosent works so well, sometimes it forgets report what happened, either it failed or had success, so dont rely on it much :)

    have fun

    1. Using This tool you can achieve a lot of things just then commenting on wordpress, this tool is made to handle everything, like scraping any site, registering accounts, posting on forums, submitting articles. but currently it only for commenting on wordpress, scraping google and making bulk gmail accounts.
    2. I will be Providing with more procedures as i build them.
    3. This is still Being Developed, so be prepared for Bugs etc, please report them.
    4. No Need to Enter any Decaptcher Info right now, I am Providing it My Own, so it will most probably Solve the captcha's it encounter.

    Ps: i know it sounded too much complicated :eek:
    pps: please also tell how it worked for you.
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    hey BHers, expecting a bit more of response :-/
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    Wordpress & Magento Expert
    United States
    are you still working on this tool want to beta test.

    PM me if you that.

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    i will help beta test. I am a begining developer also working on a similar tool.