Making a social site run on automatic from a rss

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by deef, May 7, 2009.

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    So i wish to make a site where users can answer and discuss.... everyday I wish to random post a topic from different RSS feeds (on, other sites...).

    Is there a script wich can do this, so my site is running on autopilot ?

    The script must give the users the ability to give feedback on the post, and the script must take something out the different rss feeds and don't repost this url ever...

    The script or CMS must be optimized for google...

    Please help me out giving me some ideas ;) Where I have to search for..


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    Mar 27, 2009
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    Im not sure.. maybe i missunderstand you but... isnt a standart autoblog with a nice theme exectly what you want?
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    Yes, it sounds like you want a standard wordpress autoblog setup. Just with a good comment system and make sure wordpress pings google whenever it makes a post. The key for you is to find sources of questions like that.

    I use Disqus, but Google Friend Connect sounds like it might help get Googles attention. Add that, an automatically updated sitemap plugin that includes comments, and ping every variation of google (like, etc) with every post, and that would make it "optimized for google".

    "Using the Google Friend Connect integration plugin for WordPress you can add more social interaction to your blog. Currently you can add a member, login, review, comment and playlist gadget as well as a social bar right away. Note There are many options for expanding the use of Google Friend Connect by using the custom gadget - which defaults to a music playlist."