Making $30/day - any ideas on how to improve my technique?

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    Hey everyone,

    I thought I'd share what I'm currently working on and see if anyone of you can come up with ideas on how to improve the concept. The following might sound very rook-ish to some of you experts out there, so don't laugh :)

    For obvious reasons I can't get into too many details but it should give you a good idea of how the system works and enable you to replicate it for yourself:

    1. Pick a niche with lots of searches (incl. related searches).
    2. The niche is about a "need" people have (no, nothing sexual).
    3. Put up AdWords, bid no more than $0.03 / $0.04 per click.
    4. Once they reach your site ask for their e-mail. Place ads (me: AdSense) all over the place. Place ads on the "thank you" page as well.
    5. Most will sign up, some will just click the ads and leave.

    So when you get here you'll be collecting lots of e-mail addresses and you'll be doing AdSense/AdWords arbitrage. As all of us know this method doesn't work anymore so you will be losing money thanks to Google's Quality Score and other anti-arbitrage measures.

    The twist is to send information (their "need") to your e-mail subscribers, on a daily/weekly/whatever basis. So what happens then:

    6. People read the e-mail, click on a link and therefore keep returning to your site over and over again to read the latest info on the "need" that initially brought them to your site.
    7. Afterwards they click around, preferably on your ads. Depending on how urgent their "need" is some will end up clicking on your ads multiple times over a period of X days, weeks or months, effectively lowering your acquisition costs.
    8. Automate this, meaning: gather legit content from other sites (where allowed, no stealing here) so you don't have to start producing any content yourself. So, yes, automate the content gathering and e-mailing processes (I have written my own scripts for all of this, integrating nicely into WordPress).

    Currently I'm paying about $70 per day for AdWords and making $100 on AdSense. The people that visit the site unsubscribe after a few weeks (some have stayed for months or years, still clicking the links in the e-mail as I have figured out) so there is no permanent and fast growth. Just very, very small growth. Like: making a dollar more than the month before because the list of subscribers grows. But people get bored too quickly, so they don't click the links in the e-mail or the ads anymore and unsubscribe. So there is no linear growth and you need a steady fresh stream of new subscribers via AdWords.

    I know the whole concept as described above is very general due to a lack of details but maybe some of you have enough fantasy to comment on it and maybe even come up with additional ideas on how to leverage on the huge subscriber list (~500k e-mail addresses out of which 150k are currently active) and the page views (about 10k per day, averaging to 300k per month from 120k unique visitors).

    Let me add that the demographics are quite weak, meaning: no rich people and no audience one could easily promote anything that requires online payment to.

    Any ideas? :)


    P.S.: I was off of AdWords for a while as Google wanted to check the site (had a dozen e-mails go back and forth with them) and after a few changes I made they let me back in. So I'd say since then it's not really Black-Hat stuff anymore but "officially allowed". And the other good thing about that is that since a while the USD 900,00/month I make on this is quite steady...

    P.P.S.: I already had the idea of getting the subscribers for free using SEO but for that particular site it's very hard. I barely get listed for the content. Still trying though, might be SENukeX-ing some of the pages soon and see what happens.

    P.P.P.S.: I get really (!) good reviews and feedback from members thanking me for the service. No joke. So this is NOT garbage or zero-value content to them, pi**ing people off or so. THOSE subscribers actually see REAL value in all of this.

    Last P.P.P.P.S lol: no suggestions that are somehow immoral, tricking people, promising a lot and not delivering or anything like that please. I keep all my businesses "clean" and honest. So let's develop ideas together without revealing too much on the niches, specifics etc. to each other :)
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    Hmm... sorry for the early bump... I was hoping for more feedback here but I guess I'm just being impatient... any comment is highly appreciated... thanks :)
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    destroyer of worlds...
    Welcome to Black Hat World........................
    Not sure what to say about this...
    not knowing your niche.. and that need...
    then suggestions cannot be specific toward your situation..

    what you need is to trust someone... and tell them the whole
    thing... so that they can help you optimize what your doing..

    If I knew what you niche was.... I could help you bring it to the next level..

    but for now...
    I can only give the following advice...

    Obvious Observations:
    you have a list... and these people like what you offer...
    but some of them unsubscribe after two weeks...why?
    figure this out.. its a leak in your clients....

    now if they come back for months and years ...that means
    they like your product or service or info.....
    which is real good.... quite possibly your strongest point.
    Then expand to vertical markets that support what you offer.
    They like what you have.. and they come back for more... so give it to them.
    Find more of it... and give it to them.


    You get around 4000 UV a day(120k divided by 30 days)....
    but only 1750($70 divided by .04 clicks) come from adwords.
    2250 are returning or thru other means.

    Seems like you have a steady stream of people ...even without adwords.
    But because the DOLLAR amount made thru adsense is so stable it means
    this site is stagnated/plateaued. Its not dying out but its not growing. so the money
    stays the same.

    Now do you spend $70 on adwords because that is your limit.. or because
    only that many people click your ads??

    because of the limited knowledge...

    I would suggest a quick infusion of traffic from another source...
    you need to break this site from its comfort zone... and push it toward
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    marketing, virtual assistant
    Virus1, how in the world is he supposed to find someone to trust, when most IMers are cut throat? Who would you suggest he trust??????
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    Yes, you're right about that. So let's say the "need" is recruitment/career/job-related.

    Yes, but as the previous poster said it's very hard to do something like that, in fear of someone "stealing" it and competing with me...

    Yes, some of them unsubscribe quite early or quit clicking the links. I might have to figure out how to improve on that...

    Will think about that. As said before the demographics make it really hard to market or promote anything to them.

    The numbers are very accurate! Yes, the site is not growing nor dying as long as I keep the AdWords running.
    The steady stream of people are those that have signed up X days before. They keep returning for a while, then they unsubscribe. Running AdWords brings in new traffic, so as said before it's not really growing nor dying.

    I'm bidding 0.03 cents per click and maxing out my (unlimited) daily budget. So that's all traffic I get for that bid amount. I could easily get ten times the traffic but then the entire model won't work out because I pay too much for AdWords and get too little clicks in return. An amount of 0.03 cents per AdWords-click brings in profit in this model, 0.04 cents also but going to 0.05 cents and beyond brings in losses. If I could get a higher CPC I might bid 0.05 or 0.10 or even more but the model won't allow for that. Keep in mind that weak demographics cost less in AdWords but they also bring in little CPC. AdSense and AdWords both follow the same system here.

    If there was another network like AdWords that brings in cheap traffic I could try that but I couldn't find any yet. You thought about 7Search or so?

    Thanks a bunch for the feedback, I appreciate that very much :)
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    1. Try to get feedback from those who are unsubscribing and find out why, then fix the issue and keep them getting the mails.
    2. Push coreggy offers to them.
    3. Provide the visitors relevant offers similar to the ads that get displayed on the site.
    4. Provide free ebooks or something to keep the visitors loyal to the site.
    5. See if you can find any specific product related to your niche and sell it to your visitors.
    6. Spread across some strong demographic.
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    If you're trying to increase revenue why don't you iframe a email/zip submit below the email submit to your database and rename the field 'confirm email address'
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    If I were you Id send CPA offers, related to that niche, to your email list, every now and then. Besides the info you usually send them. But not sure if you can find proper offers for that niche, since idk what it is exactly.