Making 2000$-3000$ per month promoting my OnlyFans model on Reddit

idk in-depth about them As far as I know, the onlyfans account will be open in the model name and payment details belong to the agency or the specific individual who promotes the model, the model sends videos/images to the OF agency and he promotes them on different social then they split revenue each week/month based on their contract.

Thank you
I am writing a full new reply here to answer all of the questions <3
did you buy reddit account with karma and started posting directly , and also are you manging the model and also keeping a affilate strategy and income 100% for your self while profiting from the model if so what other methods do you do ??
This method works with every model out there, you just have to find your niche and do your research, I will share my top tips on how to get traffic to your OnlyFans model page

I am still new at this, people make a lot more than this, but I believe I found great tools that can help you too if you want to start, I will share how to find the right subreddit, how to not get banned, how to earn from this, etc....

1. Find your niche and the right subreddit
Do your research when you pick your model, and do not waste time on subreddits that have low traffic or are not related to your niche

I see a lot of people using Excel sheets and other random stuff to find the best subreddits, you do not have to do that, use this website and save yourself a ton of time
View attachment 320332

This is my post results on one of the subreddits I found great, from these 10k I got around 30-50 subs
use the right caption and the right subreddit, you need to keep testing which one suits your model the best
This post only had 100 upvotes on it, imagine what you can do if you can make it reach 500 or more
View attachment 320333

Results of 2-4 days of promotion:
I spent around 10$-20$ on Reddit upvote
View attachment 320334

2. Do normal and random posts, not all of them need to be nudes and NSFW
Posts in subreddits like:

These places got me a lot of results, be creative
I will share more great subs if you guys are interested

3. Use AskReddit
This is the traffic on my post which reached the top 10
View attachment 320337
You can only imagine the amount of people who checked my model Reddit profile, 1 post there everyday will give you crazy results

4. Spam fake comments on your post
This is really important, just use an alt account and keep spamming anything, all of these will be removed but the comment counter will keep going higher and higher
View attachment 320338
People will be interested to click on your post and check what's going on there

5. Do not get your model account banned, this is the worst thing you can do
Do not spam Reddit upvotes, you will be banned within days, cheap reddit upvotes can get you banned really fast stay away from that
Drop down around 10-40 upvotes a post and let normal people take you up, be patient and reply to every comment you get

I will share later on more about:
- RevShare
- Affiliate software to use
- How to find a model
- etc...

I will share a lot more tips here if people are interested
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Thank you for sharing your method.

I hope you can answer all the questions that have been asked as there are many details that are omitted in the initial publication.
I will be sharing more methods on how to promote your model and answering some of your questions:

The best OnlyFans tools that you must have:

1- infloww
OnlyFans tools managers use to manage their chatters/models/ and giving the team access to the model onlyfans account:
With this tool you can even give the team proxies to login to the account from the same IP to avoid getting the model account banned

2- supercreator
This tools is a must for chatters, this is an important tool that will help your chatters earn a lot of money, there is no onlyfans agency out there that do not use this tool, this is a must
You can read about it more and check videos about this tool on YouTube

supercreator provides you with a great contract template that you can use with your model, and they explain it step by step what the is the contract
Link: contract

3- fansmetric
The best analytics tools for onlyfans

My other method to promote my model and other models

I created a subreddit related to OnlyFans niche and now models pay me to promote them
Now I use it to push my models out there as I earn more from them using sticky post and side big banners, and using automod messages on every post
Link: You can read more about this in my previous post

Finding a model:
I found the model I am working with from the subreddit I moderate on, I contacted her on OnlyFans through the link in her profile and we started working together
I still did not sign any contracts with her, hopefully this is the next step

Snapchat traffic:
Use Snapchat to promote your model, I started using this method this week, it is very effective but it comes with pros and cons:

Using Tinder/Bumble to promote your model SnapChat account you can redirect them to your model OnlyFans and to any other Model you will work with later on
THIS method is very effective, after building a big account you can drive traffic to any OnlyFans account you manage and earn from it

1- Do not share pics on SnapChat
2- Do not talk with anyone there
3- make your account public
4- Do not follow anyone back
Getting banned on SnapChat is super easy, the game here is not getting banned

What you should do:
1- Only use your story and drive traffic from there
2- Do not use OnlyFans links, you will be banned, what you should do is using linktree or other methods like it

Watch this video for more details, I found it really helpful to explain what I am trying to say here
I managed to get around 100-300 Snapchat new followers daily through bumble alone
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Excuse my ignorance as I'm clueless with OF. Are you promoting an affiliate program with OnlyFans for a specific model? Or have you setup an account on there yourself with some type of AI model?
Well, me neither. I am a noob, have no clue how to make money with reddit and OF. how to find models? should we promote them? how would we make money? someone please guide me.
I will share a lot more tips here if people are interested
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
thank you
I plan to make a youtube/tiktok by English, and your post made me think I can promote it on Reddit
I'm very new on Youtube/TikTok Creator, the Reddit platform
(English is not my native language and I think I will face many difficulties about culture while making an effort to blend in on Reddit)
Can you give me some advice?
Very interesting. Please do provide the update. Eagerly waiting for it.
I'll tell you my experience of reddit and my thoughts on it.
Now everyone has come to reddit, the number of posts is just prohibitive, and as long as a subscriber comes who is willing to pay at least something, it will be good luck.
Publish SFW content - conversion is not very good, to get at least 100-150 people a week, you need to post 30-60 photos and better gif images. And think - what can see a new subscriber who has already gone to the profile and has literally seen everything?

now looking for traffic from alternative non-Reddit resources.
I have an AI model what i think looks good but i cant advertising it on reddit because my acdount is new and i havent got enough karma and age. Can you recommend smaller subreddits where i can post? Young, blonde latina with big tits.
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