Making 0.01$ daily with tumblr adult blog.. Need help on how to scale/increase!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by marketeerX, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Dear people,
    I own an adult tumblr blog that has just shy of ~5k followers.. I have no idea whether that's big or small for adult tumblr, but I've been running it for a while now. I usually queue my posts and post around 7-12 gifs per day.

    I wanted to monetize it long time ago, but due to all that "juicyads/plugrush" are blocked I decided to wait.. Just 5 days ago, I read somewhere that exoclick is allowed and I did that. I created popunder at exoclick and injected that script in my tumblr. (is exoclick really allowed, btw?)

    Statistics so far:
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    2014-08-13 0 25 0.00% $0.537 $0.012014-08-14 0 14 0.00% $0.576 $0.012014-08-15 0 14 0.00% $0.774 $0.012014-08-16 0 9 0.00% $0.638 $0.01TOTAL 0 66 0.00% $0.625 $0.04
    Now, my question is what should I do differently? I'm worried that my tumblr isn't really well-known outside tumblr circle, and I can't imagine how someone that's following me and only gets my gifs at his dashboard can increase my impressions.. The most obvious step is to post 10x, 100x gifs more per day, but I'm really thinking whether the current setup is really that efficient? (popunder only)

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    $ 0.01 a day.
    +/- $ 0.30 a month.
    $ 3.60 a year.

    How about I buy it from you for $10? That's almost a 3 year value ;)

    Ok, ok, I'll be nice and give you something that might inspire you. I'm too new to post links, but search BHW for this "Making money with an adult Tumblr Blog".

    Best wishes!
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    Buy a domain + hosting and direct the traffic there. Monetize it with live cam ads or something similar.
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    I have other problem with tumblr. Got around 2.5k followers. Got my own blog, on my own domain and hosting. About 1k notes per day(likes, reblogs). Getting like 100u/v a day from tumblr, how to increase it? Btw i using plugrush and chaturbate to monetize. Plugrush stats is pretty good with that traffic, but chaturbate has no conversions. Getting about 150 clicks a month to chaturbate, but no regs. :(
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    5k followers for a general adult blog is not much. Are you targeting any specific adult niches? Are you using popular adult Tumblr tags? Find a targeted niche, find good active tags for it, have pics that match the tags/niche (solo girls work best) and then scale it up from there once you see a lot of growth. Also Tumblr does not allow mobile redirects/popunders, so if they ban you then that's it.

    Get a domain + hosting, redirect your Tumblr traffic towards your self-hosted website. The benefits to this is you can get returning visits in case your Tumblr blog goes down, and you will have complete freedom to place ads on your own website.

    Again 2500 followers is not much in the adult niche, you will need at least 10k to see noticeable earnings (or really targeted traffic). To get registrations give your visitors a call to action, a reason to sign up. An example would be to make a gallery of a woman (non-nude), then have some text saying "see her live and naked at (your link here)", or take a few screen captures of a webcam and post it on your site, if people are interested then they will sign up. Think outside the box. :)