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    Hey all. So I spent the last 8 months developing an application/web service that is hugely beneficial to my target market, saves them lots of money and gives them more than they would otherwise get. I'm very proud of what I have developed and I know that it is something so many people will want. I have developed a very nice website which I'm marketing with google adwords, problem being that while I get impressions, I get very few clicks (only 6 so far), I assume this is natural, the key words have fairly low search volume since this is a relatively new genre, not many people even think of it yet.

    My main keywords gain around 4000 google hits per month according to google keyword tool . Over the period of a week i've had around 100 uniques (from one forum + 6 adwords clicks) and 1 conversion, strangely my first conversion was on the day of release and not much news after this. Anyway, I believe I need to cause a stir in some niche forums but am unsure how to proceed, I believe i'll probably need some forum posters that already have a reputation on the forums that can put in a good word/vouch for the service, I have no problems with letting them first try the product because i'm sure even they will be pleasantly surprised and like the product, and so will be able to write a genuine review. So what I wish to know is whether there is some avenue I can take to find people who would be willing write a review on my product and spread it around the internet forums / blogs etc.

    I really don't want to use xrumer blasts, i'm doing slow & manual link building to avoid google sandbox and avoid damaging my business reputation , the keywords wouldn't be hard for me to rank with, but in the mean time while google gets updating it's indexes, I need other advertising. Any additional suggestion/tips would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks to all who help.
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