Maker Studios extremly low payment

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    Nov 3, 2015
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    Hello everyone

    My channel is partnered with Maker Studios for 70/30 split.

    In 2013 and 2014 my payments have been always ranged from 80 cent to 1,50$ per thousands views. In the beginning of 2015 I was really busy and I stopped uploading new videos. In August 2015 I decided to start uploading videos again and my channel made 52,469 videos views in that month. Maker Studios sent me 35,03$, which means approximately 60 cent per 1000 views. And recently I have received the payment for September from them I was literally shocked. My channel reached 302,951 video views in September and I recieved 49,54$, which means approximately 15 cent per 1000 views!!!

    According to Google analytics my videos have been mostly viewed in Russia, Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Italy (In September 2015). USA, Germany and UK are TOP 10 countries with highest CPM ranking.

    I also tried to contact support but I only keep getting copy and paste answers to my support tickets.

    Is there anything I could do?

    Thank you