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    Hello Fellow Black Hatters.

    Here's A True Story And My First Post, Maybe my last.

    Some say that you make you own luck when it comes to marketing online.

    This is true, for some it seems so simple, but for others me included, it's real tough.

    How I Made Nothing in Years. An Ebook That Wont Sell.

    This is me, through many years of struggling in life, I have lost many of thoses soldiers close to me.
    Having spent many years on various methods, white and black hat, hopeful of a small light, a sign, some minor success.

    When i first started out, i thought all you needed was a website and some ads, nice thought tho.
    After a year with the obvious lack of success, i searched, looking online for information and help.

    As im sure you can understand, many have all the information, at a massive price, lol. See DP.

    After wasting much on quick money making scams and then soon after that losing my offline job, my world collapsed.

    I was spending every hour of every day looking for work, and every job interview leading to nothing.

    I was behind with rent, spending little time with my family, we make our own chances by working hard etc, both on/offline right.

    My wife during this, well she managed to find the time to forget about me, she had the time to return to her previously abusive husband, taking the kids from me too.

    After many weeks of despair i stumbled upon The Black Hat Forum.

    This forum helped take my mind off the problems around me, and week by week i felt more and more positive.

    After this and feeling more confident, plus reading many posts,

    Ups to Po F, love rob zombie, see name.
    Harro, love the advice and blog etc, not clever enough to implement many methods yet tho.
    Good old Diamond Dave, I'm sure he blagged a 20 quid sign up from me the whore, lol, also EC, great info, the D/L master Wiz, Thanks for the links,

    His promotion was due by the way .:)

    There are many other Mods And Rockers that I would like to thank, but as i smoke, the brain cells arnt working too good.

    I thank you all for your insperation, your willingness to keep striving and the never say die attitude of many fellow blackhatworld members.

    Its for this reason that i managed to burn the noose I was planning on using, and finally made enough money this last couple of months.

    Wats left to say ?

    oh it's the very famous blackhatters phrase - Rinse And Repeat.

    Wishing you all success this year.

    For those who continue to ask how to make xxxxxxx amount online, Read The Forum or maybe try outsourcing your ex wife or partner etc.
    If you dont make any money, you will definately save a few quid or dollars me old mucker
    . :)
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