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Make up to 10 000$ month from a single site in travel niche (prove to work method)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by m.rvs2141, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. m.rvs2141

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    Feb 22, 2011
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    Make up to 10 000$ month from a single site in travel niche (prove to work method)

    I did not share any useful info for a while with BHW and this year I did not support forum with jr. vip account, I was quite busy and disappointed with real life things, thanks to god now all back to normal. This method is working with me for over 4 years and it was one of the first project I made in internet, during this period I have tried plenty of MM method which made me money and than burned for some reason, but the one I gonna share is working as German car.

    It is 100% white hat, it will need good amount of work on the beginning, it is still working till today and it is growing day by day, from single site I am able to make from 3 to 10k month, as it is in travel niche income is different on high and low seasons. Be ready as it will be probably long post to read and I will try to give out as many details I can, including market research, audience research, keyword research, traffic generations, partner researching, monetizing, content creation etc. As my English is suck big time, you will face hard time, but it is not BS method made on theory it is 100% working method which generate stable and white hat income.

    We will target local travel products (excursions, transfers, taxi, private trips), I want especially BHWers from India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Greece etc to wake up and read this one carefully, you have gold right in front of you, but what I see that many of you are targeting very tough niches like beauty, finance, pharma, service providing, adult etc, there is nothing wrong to do it, but without experience it will be very hard to make any income and bit your competitors. As well this one can be ideal for someone who want to move from his cold country and live for a while abroad in some popular travel spot.

    METHOD IN SHORT: Create website about popular travel spot, make a partnership with local agencies, generate sells, bank.

    Detailed Method:

    1) Market research picking a destination

    As you know different nationalities likes different kind of vacations and countries, as well big role play distance from them own country to travel destination, if you are from Europe, USA, Russia, China, Japan or other country with active travelers sure best will be to target your own language, as you know mentality and language perfectly, you can save a lot on content creation (any way I will explain how to get quality content for pennies), if you are living in country where is a lot of incoming tourists, than you should know better which nationalities like to visit it.

    Here is some information for you which will help you to choose targeted audience.

    Countries which travel most

    1) Germany
    2) United States
    3) United Kingdom
    4) China
    5) France
    6) Italy
    7) Japan
    8) Canada
    9) Russia
    10) Netherlands

    Good point that if your site is in English you target several countries, same with German and Russian language. To get the idea which destinations are most popular you can easy visit major tour operators website in targeted country and check where they sell trips, check fly scheduled, I mean if there is like 10 planes in a week, sure this one is way to go. Before move to next step, spent some time for research, most of information you can easy find in google.

    German's top destinations will be Spain, Italy, Austria and Turkey.
    USA prefer Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Italy, France, Japan, China.
    China is biggest peace of pie for sure as Chinese tourists remain the biggest spenders on travels overseas, they visit a lot all Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan etc, as well UK, US, France Italy. If you by any chance know Chinese, lucky you)).
    Russian is a bit hard to say as main destinations was Egypt (closed now), Turkey (closed now), Thailand and rest of Asia, Spain, Greece, Italy, as ruble is down now, I am pretty sure 2016 will be year of national tourism.
    British like to visit Spain, Portugal, USA, Italy, Greece, Egypt (currently closed), France.

    I hope you got the idea and you will correctly choose targeted group and language for your site, or you can make several sites in different languages, it is up to you.

    For easy rankings and better conversions I would not target whole countries keywords, I would choose specific destination, if we talk about Thailand I would make site about Phuket, Pattaya or Samui separately, if we talk about Spain I would divide Islands and Mainland, in Turkey I would not target Antalya and Marmaris on the same site, same with Egypt I would not target Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgada on same site. We want our visitors to be maximum targeted, it will increase conversions, your site will contain articles about specific destination and your visitors will stay longer to study travel spot they plan to go. If I would plan vacation lets say in Antalya Turkey, most likely I will visit site with domain Antalyatravelguide.com not Traveltoturkey.com, when we will talk about traffic generation you will understand why it is better to have separate site for each travel spot in same country.

    2) Keyword research - Picking Domain, Theme.

    Domain - as you already know your targeted audience and travel spot, now it is good time to choose domain, I will suggest to go with something easy to remember, secondary if I target tourist from specific country I would get local domain, if I target German than .de, Russian .ru, etc. Do not go with long domain names.

    To make it more easy let's pick Thailand Phuket as example destination. If I would choose domain name I would go with something like this
    phuketadventure.com, phuketexpert.com/ru/de/it/ according to country you target or stick with .com domain, it will do the job.

    Keyword research is not really hard part in travel niche, as most travelers before fly looking for same things: Hotel and location, food, entertainment, places to visit, prices, mobile and internet networks, transportation, excursions, best beaches, couple of local phrases, so before you went to google keyword tool or any soft, just take pen or open notepad and write down all what you would search if you planing vacation there. All of us want to sleep, eat, have fun and discover something new during holiday.

    Some Examples:

    When I do keyword research for travel spots, I divide them by stages: Planing trip and choose hotel and location, planing vacation, during vacation and commercial keywords in our case name of excursions and other local services like renting, guiding, extreme sports.

    First we will write keywords human will type when planing trips

    Where to stay in Phuket
    Best beaches in Phuket
    Best place for family holiday in Phuket
    Visa to Thailnd
    Airport of Phuket
    Best hotels in Phuket
    Phuket Accommodation
    airport of phuket
    all inclusive resorts phuket
    German embassy in Thailand (you change country according to your target)

    After I done with keywords which came to my mind I will google phrases to get new ideas and after 5-10 minutes I have another list of good keywords to target.

    Patong Beach phuket
    Karon Beach phuket
    Kata Beach phuket
    Bangtao Beach phuket
    Surin Beach phuket
    Kamala Beach phuket
    Nai Harn Beach phuket
    Phuket International Airport
    Airport Bus Phuket
    Taxi price from airport to patong beach
    Taxi price from airport to bangtao beach (it is work with all beaches above)
    thailand visa information
    budget hotels in phuket
    hotel near phuket airport
    top 10 hotels in phuke
    top 10 resorts in phuket
    top 10 luxury hotels in phuket
    Beaches with coral reefs in phuket

    We have now plenty of keywords which will help to find best location and hotel to stay in Phuket, now we will cover other needs like internet, mobile, food, local language, transportation etc. I will do same steps like above, write list of keyword and than look for ideas by googling it and using google keyword planner. After I done I end up with list of keyword, I spent very few time doing it, just give you ideas and examples, we will add here all keywords accept traveling and excursions.

    Best restaurants in Phuket
    Prices in phuket
    Exotic That fruits
    Local Thai food
    Tom Yam Goong
    Pad Thai
    Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)
    Som Tam
    Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts)
    Tom Kha Gai
    Kao Phad (Fried Rice)
    Taxi in phuket
    Sim cards phuket
    mobile internet phuket
    Phrases in Thai
    Best girls in Phuket
    Night clubs Phuket
    Seduction Nightclub Phuket
    Illuzion Phuket
    Love Nightlife Phuket
    Xaba Beach club
    Best bars in Phuket
    Thai massage
    Sexual Thai Massage
    Christin Massage
    Christin Massage price
    Night life Phuket
    Street Food in Thailand
    Phuket night markets
    where to eat in phuket
    phuket minibus
    thai noodles
    popular thai names
    shiatsu massage chair
    Thai street food recipes
    best bars in phuket
    bangla road bars
    phuket nightlife for couples
    common thai phrases
    useful thai phrases
    phuket weekend market
    phuket weekend market location
    Phuket Weekend Market (Talad Tairod)
    Banzaan Market

    thank you in thai language
    bangla road phuket thailand
    thai words in english
    patong beach nightlife
    local thai restaurants
    phuket taxi fare
    Shopping in phuket
    Jungceylon Shopping Mall
    Central Festival Phuket
    Phuket Walking Street

    It is just short list of keywords I find within 5 minutes if you need more just google top thing to do in phuket, top 10 shopping centers etc you will find a lot of small keywords to target. After you check search volume if you find that small keyword get googled often than you can have separate post targeting this keyword.

    Commercial keywords money making keywords

    Phuket vacationPhuket day trips
    Holiday Phuket
    Group trips Phuket
    Private trips Phuket
    Car rental phuket
    Accommodation in phuket
    excursions phuket
    cheap excursions phuket
    book excursion phuket
    private guide in phuket
    German guide phuket
    flowers delivery Phuket
    Taxi online phuket

    To find rest of keywords just google terms above and you will end up with 20-30 trips and places to visit, will be good to create excel file with name of trips and prices from different agencies, you can easy get ideas from TripAdvisor. Do not forget about extreme sports, fishing trips, mountains, surfing etc.

    3) Content Creation - How to get unique and cheap content

    Content is very important as first of all we create information website, if you will have well researched and unique articles you will build trust and your visitors will turn into customers, do not forget we target keywords which people mostly search when they plan already vacation to your targeted destination.

    - You can write content yourself, that what I did, I wrote over 150 articles to my main site and countless content for SEO needs, it was not difficult to me as I wrote all in my mother tongue and I am very experienced in travel niche.

    - What is nice about travel content that you can get it very very cheap and high quality, if we talk about Asia, Africa, Latin America, even some European counties we will find that average salary is quite low and apart of it many people from USA, Canada, UK, German lives there and they as well earn as locals. Normally this people have them own philosophy and for them success and life style is far from how much they earn, but still they have needs which required money. Find them on expat local forums and offer them to write for you, as they are already local they will write articles about subject they well know about and it will be not usual content you see in most of travel sites.

    - Nice move also will be to travel there stay for a while and write it your self (that what I did)

    4) Traffic Generation - SEO - Social - Reviews

    - SEO TRAFFIC -Most of my traffic comes from search engines, beauty of this method is huge amount of keywords with low or very low competition, it is happen many times that my keywords entered top 5 without any other action done from my side. Every one has his own vision for proper SEO, bellow you can find what is work for me.

    Tier 1

    - 20-50 * 5 - 7 pages WEB 2.0, I prefer multiple pages web 2.0. they look like mini sites and I always try to have content on them which make sense, with video and images, I do it always manually, yes it is pain in ass, it is time consuming, but it is pays back very well, as I was living in travel destination I targeted, I hired couple of locals to help me. For every web 2.0 I have facebook, twitter and youtube chanel, all videos I use for articles I upload to my youtube channel, mostly it is images with copyright free youtube music. I power web 2.0 with blog posts, forum profiles in bulk, social bookmarks and wiki links, all tier 2 links you can outscore for quite cheap price.

    - High pr forum profiles - you can find plenty of big travel forums, where will be worth to have profile and link, apart of it find hot Threads and answer questions, forum generate really good traffic. If you are lazy to do it yourself, forum profiles from big buddy combined with my manual did a good job for me.

    - High pr social bookmarks - it is one of the first links I am getting direct to my site all the time (30-50 high PR)

    - Gues posting - one of the best links you can get in travel niche, there is plenty of travel bloggers who will be more than happy to link to you or exchange links with you, I normally offer them links from web 2.0 in exchange they place link from main site to me. Many will give it for free, there is ppl who just share experience, without toughs to make money.

    - Paid links - I buy contextual links from trusted sources it is not super cheap but they work very well, by only niche targeted links.

    - PBN LINKS - I do not talk about huge PBN, I am talking about sites which can target smaller subjects in your niche, you can go with domains like nightlifephuket, localthaifood, micro niche sites with targeted visitors, this way you will receive both good link and targeted traffic. I will not go into details as I am sure you know that, each site in your PBN should be on different ip, have different name server, who is information, social profiles, etc, I think there is couple of good writen post in BHW regarding PBN building.

    I will not go into lot of details about tier 2, tier 3 links, only advice is: Do not point any shady links direct to your money site, use web 2.0, same advice goes to PBN.

    4.1 Traffic Generation - Traffic from hotel reviews sites

    You can get huge traffic from tripadvisor, hotelcombinated, tophotels and other hotel review exchange sites. Find most booked hotels in your targeted destinations, create like 10 accounts on each site, post some random reviews about hotels, restaurants out of your targeted destination, rate some places, make your account looks more less real.

    Now go to most popular hotels and live review, it is easy as you can just rewrite someone else review in other words, it is absolutely normal to talk in your review about places your visit, mention that it was very well organised by "name of your site", do not write domain just name or search term which you rank first in Search engines, if your review will looks genuine there is ppl who will google company. On some sites like tripadvisor you can link to profile of any company listed on TA. I forgot to say, but I am sure you know, that new reviews are always shown first, so as soon you review is gone from first page, post another one.

    Try to have your profile on tripadvisor standing good

    this one looks good http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attracti..._Tours_Day_Tours-Cairo_Cairo_Governorate.html

    I do not know if you have same sites in language you will target, I am sure you do, where is ppl see who is else planing vacation on same time as you, send them private msg with link to your site. Find more sites where you can live reviews, hire VA to do this job for you on daily basis.

    4.2 Traffic from global tours marketplace

    There is plenty of sites where you can list your excursions 100% free, some charge small amount for account, I would say that most take only particular commission for every booking they referrer to you.

    Few examples - there is many more, list your trips in all of them and it will generate good amount of sells, try to get price better than your competitors.


    4.3 Social networks - Groups, posting

    There is plenty ways to generate traffic from social networks, sure you need official group for your site, apart of it you better create general groups about targeted destination, they will be not flagged by competitors, you will be accepted in most of groups.

    Facebook - There is good method to generate traffic from Facebook which shared here often and works for all niches is to make a website in targeted niche, something like news/magazine style websites and share links to big niche related groups, this kind of shares do not get removed by mods, you can have your add in sidebar or between paragraphs.

    Youtube -Ask you partners for videos, every trip, every day ger recorded, as they sell cd's for tourist, upload it to YT with name of trips, logo and link in description to your site.

    Yahoo answers/similar sites/forums - There is lot of questions posted every day about travel niche, post your own, answer them, rate as best answer, apart of it what I really do is answering ppl questions in major forums, during this time I became travel expert in over than 15 forums, tv filmed about me, magazines asked to create them content and in exchange the mention my site. Big hotel video site invited me as expert and I visited with them 4 countries.

    Emailing subscribers - Offer discounts for subscribers, make a landing pages with free Country guide, collect emails, send hot offers.

    Monetization - Partners research - Making money

    I left this part for desert - travel niche generally is hard to monetize, I will not talk here about hotel bookings, flights booking and other travel affiliate network, compare to what you can earn partnering with locals is pennies, sure I place adds from major travel affiliate programs and it is bring some income, but I make times more from excursions, transfers, local service delivery and local companies advertising placement. What I want to say that with even 1k visitors day you can make good profit from local market and with same traffic you will not earn enough money with travel affiliates program.

    - There is 2 ways to find local companies to work with - first one call or email them, show them your site and ask for net prices to be sent to you, normally in every travel spot there is companies who is arrange trips themselves and even more who outscore it, contact as many as you can, compare prices and choose one which looks good. Normally they pay your commission without any problem, they do not want to lose good supplier. My self I am ruining travel agency and for some partners I give price without earning a $, this way I get more ppl for the trips and I am able to arrange it myself, from my own clients this way I make much more money.

    - Second and better way is to travel to targeted destination and make contacts with local companies face to face, 100% sure this way you will get better price.

    You do same with flower delivery owners, car renting offices, taxi companies etc, local night clubs for example ready to pay you commission for customers you referral them, even if entrance is free, most of the times they offer free transfer, they do money on bar and other staff. Same happen to huge fabrics and souvenir shops, they offer free transfer and they pay you commission for every sell they generate.

    Normally from excursion trips you earn 10-30$ per trip, per person, if it is private trips you earn like 100-300$ per trip, taxi is always fixed commission based (10-15% from trip), flowers is better to resell, I do it with double price.

    Very important here is to create comfortable working space between you, clients and suppliers, so there is no missed trips, accurate reports, happy customers.

    Simple calculation if you sell 2-3 trips day, normally people travel with family couples and groups, let take couple, 3 couples = 6 pax, 6*15$ (average commission per pax per sale, normally it is more) = 90$ earnings, in a high season with 2-3k visitors day I am able to generate about 15-30 sells per day, so you can approximately calculate income.

    If you ever though to move to any Travel spot, to stay by the sea, watch sunrises, date girls and enjoy life, this method is way to go.
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  2. wealth54

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    Thank you OP ! Very well written post. May GOD Bless you :)
  3. riesty

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    Jul 13, 2014
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    Good OP
    I think you are expert in writing
  4. asap1


    Mar 25, 2013
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    This is a long one, bookmarked for later.

    Edit: Wow just read it, this is GREAT information.

    This is as good as it gets without someone telling you their exact keywords they currently rank for.
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    New York
    This is a perfect post. I was gonna start a travel niche website this year. Thanks for all the tip.
  6. M4XW3LL

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    Great write-up OP. Can you suggest a good affiliate program for travel niche?
  7. Nut-Nights

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    Home Page:
    Just finished reading it, Great post. Monetization part is little bit tough for me, But i can add some twist. :D
  8. Tove

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    If you read the OP, he mentioned that you will get higher profit by contacting directly hotels and such.
  9. sergey007

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    I have always planned to start authority website in travel niche, ski travel to be exact. Thanks for sharing the method!
  10. LJ Junior

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    Offline contact with hotels/luxury places works almost everytime. My friend does it too and he says that only skill required is communication.
  11. m.rvs2141

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    I make most income from local partners, most of my income coming from transfers and excursions, this way you earn a way more than from affiliate program which pays you 5-10% commission. Lets say if you target excursions ans use https://partners.excursiopedia.com/en, they will pay you only 5% - 6% from trip you booked, so from 100$ you will earn only 5-6$, with direct contract with local agencies you will earn about 20-30$ from same amount.

    Apart of excursions any hotel booking website will convert, I like https://www.travelpayouts.com/ as they have nice widgets, booking forms and they provide you with ticket, hotels, accommodation affiliate program from one admin panel, as well they work with airbnb.com, it provide apartments, studios and villas for rent all over the world, and it is convert quite well
  12. m.rvs2141

    m.rvs2141 Senior Member

    Feb 22, 2011
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    It is only sounds hard, local agencies very responsive and due to huge competition they always looks for new stream of tourists, they do partner with local people, if you travel around you will find that taxi driver or house keeping staff will try to sell you excursions. Sometime soon I plan to run good product which can make all process easier, I plan to have bst here as well.
  13. m.rvs2141

    m.rvs2141 Senior Member

    Feb 22, 2011
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    Yes I did not touch this on current post, yes from VIP traveler you can make good income as well, you get less orders for sure, but huge earnings.
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    Affiliate marketing + Youtube
  15. IamNRE

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    Digital Marketer
    World Wide Web
    I know a Franklin Hatchet thread when I see it. You can call it what you want, but we all know the title really should be: "New Franklin Hatchet Method: Make $10k/month In Travel Industry!"
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  16. sam.hunt0710

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    Owner Of a IT Comapny
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  17. iamsolo

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    What a time. I'm just planning to start a website in travel niche, and thinking about monetization. You posted this thread. Thank you op
  18. LostConnection

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    Grinding away in the night
    Nice write up mate, definitely some good tips for those looking to get into the travel niche.
  19. m.rvs2141

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    I have no idea why you associate me with someone else, and you better read it deeper than title, I have used it for 4 years, apart of it I am into travel industry for over 10 years, before I even know what is Internet Marketing, and I think I am not only one in the world who is banking from local travel services, if you have a ton of time troll somewhere else.

    Edit: You pushed me to make research on Franklin Hatchet, so you made opinion as he was talking about travel industry as well, but there is big difference I never shared this somewhere else, I do not sell any thing for you, I just shared working method, it is up to you to use it or to pass forward, I am pretty sure that for someone who dream to live abroad by the sea it can be a ticket, like it was for me after working in travel industry for many years and tired from tourists, info meetings, target, working without day off, I find the way to use my experience and make money without headache.
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  20. m.rvs2141

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    Never heard about them, interesting will check