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    If you have like or hate groups related to -
    Family Guy
    Harry Potter
    Jersey Shore
    Justin Bieber
    Lil Wayne
    MMA Cage
    Super Hero or Super Villain
    True Blood
    Vampire Diaries

    If you have any of the above groups whether they love or hate them, you can do something like "See which Jersey Shore character you are most like! Go here to find out! - url"

    Let's do some basic math.
    If you have lets say 3 pages that have 10,000 "likes" which is fairly easy with the two more-so popular shows "Jersey Shore", "MMA", "Lil Wayne", that's a total of 30,000 likes if you have 10,000 exact on each profile. Now, if 1% of those people go through and do the offer, that would be 300 leads. Since the pages would be fairly targeted, you should get a lot higher conversion rate than 1%.

    How to create a facebook page?
    Depending on what offer you are promoting, select the best "channel". For TV shows, I usually choose "Entertainment", for anything related to music, I choose "Artist, Band, Public Figure"

    Continue onto the next page, and upload a photo, it's best to do it right then and there so you don't forget.

    The next page, "Getting Fans"
    You know those email lists you have laying around on your hard drive? Well, it's time to blow the dust off of them! or alternatively, you can go on your personal or spam facebooks, get users emails from there, their all listed there by default. Copy then into notepad and save them and upload them to the page.

    For the website on the next page, ONLY put a website in if you have a website related to the page. For the "About" section, if it's a page that's about let's say the MMA Fighter, "Kimbo Slice" and its a hate page, you could put in there "We all HATE Kimbo Slice! This is DEDICATED to Kimbo Slice HATE!!".

    Then what you can do to get the page a little more activity quicker, if you have a few other spam facebook accounts or a few IM friends or just random friends in general invite them all to the page, or just "like" it and post it to other's walls. It's better off if you have a handful of other facebook accounts that have a few friends, between 100-300 friends is fine. What you do from there is, find a few video's quick from YT and post them on the page at random from the different account's and give the page an appearance of being active. You upload from lets say account_1 then comment from account_2 and 5 then a while later from account 3 and 4 then account 6 starts a "conversation" with account_2. Make it looks as active as possible.

    If you have some basic knowledge of autoblogs create an autoblog centered around the page in wordpress, but find a theme related to MMA(for this example) then throw the header images into photoshop for a quick edit for "Hating Kimbo Slice"(for this example) then put your choice of the facebook "like" button on there so they see your facebook button.

    Here's a page heatmap if none of you have seen it before. I usually try to put the facebook "Like" button in the red area with the "Live stream" facebook like.


    Also, along with your autoblog, every so often Tweet your facebook page you will gain a few more followers that way.

    Make the facebook page look as natural as possible, once in a while post an ad and watch your stats go up.

    All of the ad's above are available at CPA Infinity

    If you need any clarification or help with this, let me know.
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