Make some Onine ash -- this runs itself


Dec 8, 2008
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Hi all - in an effort to contribute I submit the following totally free way to make some cash online, which completely runs itself after about 2 hours of work. Of course you must promote it but the system itself is totally running w/o you.

BTW- if you don't approve of this method or have any other derogatory comments - pls don't post them to me cause i don't give a shit what you think may or may not work; and besides you most likely have never done or accomplished a fuckin thing except to read posts... but i digress...

1) Put your plan in writing. I could quote from many sources how effective this is but the bottom line is it works.

1a) It is sometimes best to just state your end desire and then work backwards from there.

2) Open an account on cli*kbank

3) Find a high priced product with a killer sales letter. If you are not sure of what constitutes a great sales letter PM me and I'll direct to you a few places.

My own personal pick puts about $100.00 per sale in my account. Is this too much? Hey, the only marketing geniuses are your customers...if they don't buy then ur marketing sux...err needs to be tweaked. I will be testing a low priced product in the near future.

4) Generate your hoplink.

5) Open a Gm*il account with a name that fits the niche or product u want to promote. I was lucky enough to get my 3rd choice w/o any extraneous numbers etc. to dilute it.

6) Using the hoplink you created go onto the products website. Select all and copy it. Log onto your newly created Gm*il account go to compose mail and paste the website-- save that to your draft.

7) Add a few warm personal words to the top of the draft above your saved sales letter.

8) Gm*il has an auto responder (really a vacation setting but in this case it is perfect) Log onto it and choose the word "yes" as the trigger that will send this email to your enquiries.

9) Promote the shit out of your new email address to the proper target market like there is a lot of money involved -- because there is. I like every free and cheap way under the sun but that is for another post. Tell them to reply "yes" in the subject line or the body of their email to your newly created gm*il account. This will tigger the respnder and then the salesletter sells them.

Good luck. :)
Thanks for sharing this method, I have PMd you for a few additional details, but am all ready to give this one a blast.

I will let you know how it goes !
I used to do sth similar within the money making niche a long time ago. I remember I had some automated traffic system with Traffic rocket ( i believe it was called like that ) and made a series of 7-8 mails promoting a particular product and the traffic system itself. Pretty shitty I know but made my first money online this way as I recall.

I wonder, is this product you're promoting marketing related also or not? If not, mind telling us what kind of promotion seems to work best for this?( I completely understand if you don't want to share this) Also, are you doing any follow up?

how can you prmote your email better than your product straight ?
Hey Imata - I am not promting a marketing related product - also I prefer offline tactics (in my particular instance with this particular product) to drive virgin eyeballs online and to email that account.
Hi Ant great question - IMO to promote the product takes alot of pages -- printing costs and time --there and then to read it (again for this product, I chose offline marketing - to drive them to my email account)... but if they respond to the email which the promotion for that only gives them an idea of what is being offered -- then their in the system and being sold in steps, if not at the first time they see the webpage ( the product has a series of emails that follow up once they go to that website and opt-in.)
hope this helps
This sounds like a good Craigslist idea. Or are they being anal about this stuff?
And how exactly does this product "runs for itself" or on autopilot? Also, why not promote sales page straight away but require people to send an email?
This method does work. I would not say its autopilot, but its doable. I used to use it with CL all the time. Just create an ad telling people to email you for more info and then hit them with the offer saying you been swamped with emails and set up the responder until you can get to them. Of course this is not new at all on CL and has been done by a lot of people so I'm not sure its still going to be all that effective.
How often do you have to change the Gmail address? I can see the benefit of throwing your email address unmunged/altered all over the place, but then some spammer with their own autoresponder hits it and endless loop of bouncing maybe?

I used a very similar method on CL for a while also and it was decent. I hadn't thought about a higher ticket item though. I was just doing some bullshit CPA deal for a few bucks. Good post and I like your style.
gerard...thanks for your this money making method...

but just long you been using it ?? what is your success rate like ??
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