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    Ok, guys, it`s time for me to let one go :) So you know the "adult forums method" posted by pofecker a year ago? If not then here it is :

    The basic method is about making your own adult pic uploading site , put some ads on it and post thumbnails of your galleries on adult forums. Well, this method is great,but... it can only bring so much.. So I put a twist on it.. I thought to myself.."What can I do with all this traffic to earn me more money?" Concluding that most of these horny b-tards don`t even have a gf, I used the site to promote my dating advice membership site :D

    This is how I did it : I downloaded a free script that would allow me to upload pics. Instead of the regular blacklabelads I would put a wonderful banner that says : "STOP JERKING OFF!" lmao. The banner redirects to my dating advice membership site sales letter and BAM!

    You can do this with clickbank products, anything you want, if you have your own products, even better!

    This was a quick one, hope you enjoyed it,if you have any questions please post them in this thread. Have a great one :)
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    great idea, I can see how this could work out for most guys lol. I'm definitely gonna try this and give it a shot but where can I bring traffic from? I mean what places do you think are best for finding desperate bastards? besides CL lol and about the free script, can you give us an example? where can I find a script like this?