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    Here comes my 2nd instructional make money online thread.

    Basically you need to setup a squeeze page, don't worry, just download kompozer, get a few squeeze pages and off you go.

    There are tons and tons of plr articles and software and ebooks all over the internet. Choose one to promote.

    After you have chosen one, insert the boxshot image into the template along with your regular copywriting bullshit about how you are going to personally help them to do whatever it is that they came to your site looking for. Don't forget to also talk about the very "valuable" product that you are giving to them for free if they sign up. Ok, easy as shit right?

    Upload the plr content, article, software, ebook whatever but not to YOUR web server, upload it to some pay per download site like sharecash because it has high payouts for every download. You can also make a cpanel redirect to the sharecash link

    Now you just setup the autoresponder's confirmation and welcome messages, insert the link to the sharecash download or the redirect, not into the confirmation message but into the welcome message so they only receive it when they confirm. And the best part is that you don't even have to maintain the list because all the people want is the free shit because everyone wants something for nothing. Now go promote the shit out of the squeeze page but don't spend tooo much time, maybe a little xrumer here (or not because xrumer costs a shitload), auto social bookmarking there, even some blog posting and fan videos then tubeincrease them. Before you know it you will be earning money left right and center. Just leave the list to rot if you want to, you will still get signups. Another extra tips, you could also add in some messages to send a few days later with a pay per lead submission program and depending on your niche you can be earning 15$ or more from everyone that signs up to your newsletter just make sure everything you offer is free. Even if you get 1000 leads you could make thousands why, because people don't like paying for stuff, especially when they have a hard time putting food on the table. You could even find that thread here that has 5000 free leads per month and spam the shit out of all of them, especially if they are money making offers like survey panel signups. Wouln't you be kicking yourself in the teeth if you could have earned hundreds more daily and you decided to turn it down. This is the power of incentives.


    There's to BHW

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