make my music cd go viral. pro quality music and two pro vids already

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    u r looking at it! :)
    New Hampshire moving to Virginia lol
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    Just a friendly bump. Listened to a track and you've quite a different niche sound to a lot of unsigned artists. If I were you though I wouldn't be trying to fake/boost views etc to get anywhere though. I don't know what you've already done to promote yourself but I would be buying a few well-targeted add campaigns from youtube/facebook to begin with, sign up for every single underground/unsigned artists websites you can find (and be very active in the forums/comments/updates, trying to gain a good network) and obviously wh0ring them gigs out like there's no tomorrow. At one point years ago with my old band we printed out about 300 cds of our demo and placed piles of them in music shops at the door near free leaflets/cds etc. and walking round handing them out and chatting to people who looked like they were into metal. We ended up getting quite a large following as people knew we were all down to earth guys who loved music. Fun times. It's all about pushing it in the right people's faces anyway.

    Apologies for this becoming a bit of a ramble now, hope it's give you some ideas at least ha.
    Hope things work out for you, good luck man