Make more money on e-bay/amazon by selling to existing costumers! Powerful tip + questions

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by zionbar, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    So Ive been working in sales for years now, mainly offline, selling products to people face-to-face ... I read tones of books on sales and consider myself a great salesman... :)

    One of the things I used to do which increased my sales by A LOT was reselling and maximizing current costumers.

    The idea is this - you already have a costumer in hands, that bought from you, and is familiar with your product / service, how powerful is that?

    Sometimes instead of looking for new costumers and going through the whole process of selling [ in our case its different because most people here sell on
    e-bay, but I used to do face-to-face sales...] I would just contact my old costumers with a promotion or an offer, and I had great success doing so, because I already had their trust and they knew the products and services I deliver...and now they even get a great deal ... so why not ?

    That's my tip to you guys, wether you sell on e-bay, amazon or even have an seo company, always stay in touch with your costumers and offer them promotions and great deals because they are more likely to purchase again, especially if you sold them a product that they might run out off [like shampoo for instance].

    Now I do have a few technical questions, based on the principle above, I have collected an e-mail list of all of my former e-bay costumers.

    1. What is the best way to send an e-mail to multiple people, without them seeing the rest of the people who go the email ?
    2. Does ebay has a problem with that [I believe they do, but what can they actually do about it/ what is the risk ? ]
    3. If anyone has any general tips regarding what im about to do, let me know :)

    Cheers !

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    1. Google your answer. Sorry i'm to lazy to find it, but thats where i found my answer. I think its mainly placing the email address in BCC or BBC. I forget its been so long ago.
    2. eBay says they don't allow, but its being done anyway. You can include marketing literature in each of your package or you can send emails, but be careful about SPAMMING. I know i hate it when sellers try to upsell me, but thats just me.
    3. Go get it and you can have it. I've been what you have been through too. I had a good bit of online experience and door to door sales, so I basically applied what i learned from all the sales books and training to selling online. Selling online is a bit different but you just need to be willing to adapt to figure a way that works for you. I see many different people posting their methods of selling online, but I have yet to see someone who is making money doing online sales exactly the same way I do. Expect to come up with your own way of making things work and forget trying to duplicate the Step-by-step guides out there.