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Make Money With Your Error Pages

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Wreshyn, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Wreshyn

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    May 3, 2011
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    Hellou my Moneymaker friends. :eek:) Hope all good with you?

    I´m gonna get straight to the point.

    I was browsing the internet as usuall to find new kinky ways of earning money through the web. One can say we´ve heard it all, right? I mean to be honest almost every thread today is "same shit, different names" correct me if I´m wrong? Will take much to find something extraordinary today.

    But I might be onto something with this thing.
    It´s about how you earn money with your "404 error page".
    It seems like there is a humungus market for it.

    Now asume someone´s looking to find your adress and they sign the wrong adress in the adressfield.. just one letter would send them to a 404 page right? That doesent mean you lose money, because even that 404 page can earn you money in different ways. And how many people in a single day finds them self reading "404 page not found"

    What you will find here are different ways to monetize that page so you wont be leaving money on the table. :) To tell you the truth, this is actually quite new I believe to many people.

    I´m going to give you the ordinary adress to the webpage without any affiliate link bound to it.


    And also I´m going to hand you my affiliatelink should you think this information is worth it.


    Now I know about the rule when comes to the affiliate-links. But thats also why I gave you the original link.

    I hope this information is new to alteast some of you guys. Now you don´t just monetize your webpage but you can monetize the 404´s too that you bind to your webpage. :)

    Take care all and hear from ya again :)