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    Hiya Folks,

    Many of us are probably aware of one or more recurring income programs or membership programs that give recurrent payouts to affiliates every month for sales made.

    Some of these programs include coaching clubs, online software systems (e.g for forex, keyword research, etc.) and others and if you successfully "sell" the program, there will be recurrent income as long as the buyer stays on with the program, month after month after month.

    I am hoping that this can be a resource/brainstorming thread about being successful in marketing and making money from such programs (could be as an affiliate or you can set up your own program).

    To start off, I thought that 1 way could be for a marketer to market such programs using adw0rds, articles, social networking sites etc. to drive traffic to maybe a squeeze page that offers more information or a free ebook or report. The squeeze page captures the name and email address of a prospect and the autoresponder continues with the follow up emails and messages.

    Here's where the fun begins.

    Objective: To achieve about $5000 per month in recurrent income from one or more such programs in approximately 45 to 60 days.

    Questions and feedback requested:

    1.) Please suggest what you might think are feasible ways of achieving this objective (can be blackhat or white but let's try not to risk the recurrent income over the long term)?

    2) Is this timeline reasonable?

    3) a) What might be some of the recurrent income programs that you might want to promote to achieve this goal?
    b) What criteria would you use to choose such programs.

    4) What would you think are the better ways of marketing such programs to enhance success, especially for newbies?

    Please answer 1 or, preferably, all the questions and feel free to add your thoughts, share your experiences.... and maybe secret success tips too :)

    Thank you'all.

    Cheerio. :)
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    going from 0-5k/mo recurring is a pretty hefty task imo. You're starting with no website, content, billing, hosting, or traffic of any kind. Stretch that to 90-120 days and it's more attainable.
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    Good point :)

    I can't disagree that achieving 0-5k in the given time frame of 45 to 60 days might be overly ambitious :D

    Having said that, I suspect there are folks here that have managed to pull off something like this before :p and I for one, would love to know and learn the secret (maybe an apprenticeship might be possible ......)

    Allowing more time is probably a good idea, but I just wanted to set a tight schedule for this mental exercise.

    In simpler terms, I guess the main objective could also be translated as: Acquiring 100 (or 200 if I get paid 50% commission) customers; within 45 to 60 days, who are willing to pay $50 each month for the program/membership.

    I figured that, once I manage to get a critical mass established (i.e have enough members so I make recurrent amounts of $5000/month), the rest of the time could be devoted to customer retention and
    to some degree, continued customer acquisition.

    Looking forward to more feedback and thoughts .....keep em coming, please :) (Or pull me down to earth? :( )

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    I personally am wanting to build a similar business model..... Have you managed to find a affiliate marketplace that is heavily focused on recurring com's ?

    Im currently working on promoting forex packages to build my passive income. Whilst I work on the various methods of promoting these packages Im building a "hit list" of membership sites offering recurring coms while working on a plan for promoting these packages.

    It would be nice to speak to someone who has similar goals to me on a frequent basis to brainstorm together.

    All the best mate !
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    This is just like advertising a normal product but to keep the people with the company and carry on paying month after month you have to choose some nice companies and you cannot oversell and tell them how great it is if it actually sucks as you may only get just the first months income....
    the trick with this is to get them to tell their friends after they have signed up and them to go through your refferal link.... then you are onto a winner and can get 5 to 10 times more people with the same amount of marketing.... and more chance they stay with the program....

    good luck and keep is posted
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    Internet Marketing
    The best reurring income for me has been in Pharma. Highly competitive of course but if you can get legit customers, they will keep buying from you forever.
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    I believe he is asking about membership sites / programs that pay a recurring monthly affiliate commission.


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    This is a great topic. I recently started to focus exclusively on recurring affiliate commissions. My initial progress is very motivating.

    But, I don't think that your goal is unreachable. Going from 0-$5000 a month in 45-60 days.

    Let's make it 60 days to be on the "conservative" side. If you are targeting an affiliate program that pays out $25 per month (most of the ones I am doing well with are in the $20-27 range).

    That means that you'll need to have 200 subscribers at the end of 60 days. (And yes, I know that a percentage of people won't be retained. I'm ignoring that point for now, but you can expect to have a certain "fallout" ratio).

    If you are targeting a product that pays out $50 a month, you can cut the subscriber amount in half.

    But let's stick with the $25 affiliate commission product. Would it be impossible to make 200 sales in 60 days?

    200 sales(subscribers) / 60 days = 3.333 sales per day

    Will it be easy? No. But definitely possible with enough energy and correct actions taken.

    And I agree that there is a certain "tipping point" with this business model. The recurring payments can create a snowball effect, especially if you are re-investing your profits back into customer retention and new customer sales.

    The OP started this thread about 10 months ago. It would be cool to hear about his progress.

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    1. Folllow a trend o create one
    2. Advertise