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    Here is a simple idea that can be used to make good amount of money. Hire a good writer full time from countries like India or Phillipines. You can get a writer for - easily from these countries.
    Now make multiple accounts at websites like textbroker or iwriter. Then you have to take one project on the website to write one article and forward this to your writer. A good writer can write at least 10 *500 words articles in a day. You get for one 500 article at iwriter when you become premium member, so daily you ca make (Even if half the articles got rejected). For 26 days it comes to be Thus you get about profit per writer per month. You can scale this and can improve the earnings by training your writer about iwriter directions so that rejections decrease.

    I am sorry for the title- it was made for another method which will be shared later.
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    The trouble with hiring people in countries like India or the Phillipines is most not all can barely type proper sentences. It might be cheap but people are looking for quality, original content. If you can find someone that's good at writing then this would be a nifty idea.