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    I am going to give you a HUGE opportunity to make some cash(if you are a good marketer).

    Here is the deal:

    -our services range from $50-$3000
    -We have 100% satisfaction from our customers currently
    -We have been in business for two years
    -Cold calling OKAY!
    -Online Marketing OKAY!
    -We have high ROI and that is how we can pay 20% Referrals to you
    -You will recieve $25 into your account automatically just for signing up!
    -Pay out after $100 by check, money order, or paypal
    -We pay out 7 days after the project is completed. and payment rendered
    -System to track possible payouts and actual payouts
    -Selling print you get 4% not 20% (sorry low profit margin)
    -Can be from anywhere!
    -We are US based
    -Tracking Codes available!
    -All invoices we send to potential clients will be tracked to your account!

    These sales/affiliate positions open August 1st!

    We are in the advertising/marketing/web dev/print niche

    PM me to be considered with a little paragraph about your experience.

    Only 5 Slots Available!