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    This was actually more of a way for me to maintain my habit of keeping sites all over the place than a big money maker, but I have made money doing this and enjoyed it while I did it (although I expanded and used several dedicated servers at one point).

    1. Get a cheesy webhosting template from anywhere on the internet.

    2. Start a forum on your domain (a free one phpbb, mybb, smf, etc...) and place as many ads as you can fit on it (try to avoid pop-ups since everyone hates them). Also remember to host this somewhere independent of where you host all the other sites (if you're questioned it's because you want to keep redundancy...yadayadayada...)

    3 Buy an unlimited reseller hosting account on Ebay for super cheap (remember this host can self destruct at any time and everyone's accounts will get canceled or deleted).

    4. Give away very large hosting accounts (ex. 20GB diskspace and 200GB bandwidth) and require a google ad on their site or even text links and posting on your ad whored forum.

    5. Rinse and Repeat. You can keep repeating this and actually start a free hosting business running off of cheap reseller hosting accounts. Make sure you keep telling your members that it's very important that they keep backups of their accounts. If there are any losses you are not responsible. Just tell them you run multiple servers at different data centers and have different admins on staff at each one. When there are losses or downtime of course blame it on the tech at the data center.

    Also reseller accounts come with private IPs. You can create your own custom nameservers (you can do this even if they're public). Use a separate domain for this.

    If your hosting company has something in their TOS that states free hosting isn't allowed they won't know because your main site is hosted off the server and if any problems arise with the host your main site is always safe because it's not on the same server so you can always deny everything.

    If you can get a script to automate everything that's great, if not encourage forum posting. Very soon you'll have members that are dieing to be moderators and administrators and you can have them approve and setup accounts manually and keep track of the forum all for free.

    Make sure you keep your site hosted on a separate host than the one you're giving away because the hosting you are offering might die any day.

    While you're doing all of this also host several of your sites and whore them out as much as you can. Sooner or later you'll be on every spam list in the world so don't use any of your sites to send emails to your opt-in lists.

    Total cost to start two domains and one unlimited reseller hosting account = about $20 - 30 to start and at the most $20 per month to maintain (at least starting out).

    If you offer ridiculously high disk space and bandwidth you will have tons of people signing up. Look at the free hosting forums to see what offers you have to beat and set up accounts quickly to get a quick good rep and get your name spread around.

    There are several free hosting sites that allow people hosted by them to use their TOS just copy and paste it, customize it to your needs and call it a day. Remember to add to it that you can change all terms and anything at any time.

    If you do things right you are creating a valuable piece on the web. When you see your (ad) revenue slipping. You can sell your free hosting business and make money from that. Even if it isn't slipping and you don't want the responsibility sell. The point of this is you've just created a commodity and if you really work at it a monthly revenue stream off of someone else's server fees with you only paying minimal fees.

    IPanel (
    ) is cheap and can automate your whole business (from signup to forcing ads). I suggest getting it but if you don't want to spend the money there are free options out there.

    To get members go to sites like
    or just search for free webhosting forum you're bound to come up with good stuff. These are the biggest two that I know of that are based off of free hosting. The Chinese sites mirror a lot of these offers so be careful because a lot of their traffic is worthless and they love to abuse copyright and other TOS issues.

    Anyway I think that's enough for this tutorial. If you have any questions post them here I can answer pretty much anything about paid or free hosting.

    Damn...I should have done the same as every $7 guru and sold this as a report. :smurves23
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    *ucking sweet bro! I was doing something like this but I bought a reseller package from Wild West Domains and pay something like $99/year for it. I profit every year but not that much!
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    great share thanks for taking the time to write this :) +rep
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    Thanks man. Rep added. Clever
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    Thanks, Good Post!
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    vze, you should be promoted to a mod. I've spent the last 3+ hours reading this site and you are always sharing and taking time to explain everything in detail. Keep it up bro!