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    So my method is pretty simple and i made around 50 bucks one time with it. It's basically building a fb pages around a cpa/amazon offers and post them on the forums

    First - create the page:

    watch the vid, this guy explains it very well. Pick a good offer and make the page look as legit and professional as possible!!!!!

    in the "fans- only content" you have to put your aff link. You can do it in a variety of ways : create a banner, use < a href >, image mapping ect ect that way no one will notice that this is an aff link

    Second - post it on freebie forums. You can find them easily on google.

    The hardest part is finding good and legit offers. Do not go with 1000$ gift cards or something so hyped up. Try trials,ppd, ringtones and others.
    Buy likes from fiverr so the page looks professional and legit.
    Use photoshop to make very good pics so you page looks good in the eyes of the members of those forums( if you don't have the photoshop skills use PAINT, you will still make money but it can be a pain in the ass with the limited editing abilities).

    Hope you find my method interesting and i wish you happy earnings :)
    I tried to explain as good as i can, sorry for my bad english :)))

    if you have any questions ask!! :)
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