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    If you would like to know how to make money online with only a
    five dollar investement, read on.

    Domain names sales made new recently when was
    purchased for three million dollars. Earning that kind of
    money for a domain name is not the norm, but one can earn
    money buying and selling domain names if they adhere to some
    basic principals.
    > General domain names sell best. Cars. com would fetch a
    pretty penny because any and all car companies might want
    that web address.
    A domain name like "" would have less of an
    appeal. You might still get bids from some car dealers located
    in the Carolinas. but I am sureyu see that it's appeal would be
    limitted to that area or to someone named Carolina. . recently sold for over $40,000 dollars: single,
    general words always get a larger price. Consider your
    "audience" and aim for terms and words that have the
    broadest appeal.
    > Steer clear of patented and copywritten names. Even if
    "" were available, that name is owned by the Toyota
    Company. Most sites would bar you from offering that name
    for sale and if not do you really want to litigate with Toyota?
    The same can be said for names of famous people. Thegoverning board
    of such matters (they are called ICANN)
    have time and again ruled in favor of celebrities who have
    asked to have thier names returned, after they have been
    registered as domains. Do not waste time investigating or
    trying to buy domain names that you suspect you do not have a
    right to own. You're probably right.
    > Do try to find three letter combinations like jky, zoh or kng.
    There are many businesses and /or indiviudals who use a
    series of letters when abbreviating thier
    themselvesor thier business. Three letter combinations have
    been know to generally get higher bids than four or five letter
    > Hyphenated words may or may not be valuable. Recently sold for a very large sum, even though
    hypehenated words are usually thought to be less valuable.
    Businesses generally fear that the person typing will forget
    the hyphen and wind up at a competetitor's site. However, in
    this case all forms of the word "business" had been taken long
    ago. So in this case the purchaser felt the opportunity to be
    called "business" in any form was worth tens of thousands of
    dollars. Studying sites like sedo can inspire you to try
    variations of this idea. They are very successful at times.
    > Do not overprice your domain names. I think it is always
    better to take the "make me an offer" option. You do not have
    to accept the first offer you get and
    one bid can lead to another. If you set a high price for yourdomain name
    you may get no bids at all.
    >Do not sell your domain name for too little either. If you buy
    a dot tv domain for twenty dollars and sedo charges you fifty
    dollars to handle the sale obvioulsy you will not want to sell
    that doman name for one hundred dollars. Some people do buy
    domain names to hold on to them and plan to sell them in the
    In fact, many are doing this with dot tv's, in particular, but
    most people want to sell thier doman names now. Just
    remember to consider all your costs when you decide what the
    minimum bid you will accept is going to be. At sedo you do not
    have to accept any bid that you feel is not adequate.
    > Shop around before buying domain names. If you are buying
    domains just to sell them you do not want to pay a "hosting
    fee'. You simply want to buy ownership of the doman name.
    What you are actually paying for is the registration of the
    site to your name. Prices vary, some charge as little as five
    dollars for dot com addresses. Dot tv domains usally cost
    about twenty dollars. Just make sure you are Only buying
    what you need. That is buy domain ownership. Unless you plan
    to build the site and do business on it , you do not need
    hosting, for which you will incur a monthly charge.
    >Study what's selling. Take a look at websites like "sedo" to
    see what is and isn't being bid on. Sedo is a site where you can
    list your domain name for sale at no charge. You can also
    purchase a particular web address there. If somene alreadyowns the
    domain name you have your heart set on this is where you can make an
    offer on it. Be advised that if you list
    an web address or domain name for sale at sedo and you
    accept someone's bid, sedo charges a fee of $50 to broker
    the transaction. Study what names are getting the bids and
    how much they are selling for. Many aim to make money by
    selling a dot com they bought for five dollars for a thousand,
    while the goal of others is to wait till they can find domain
    names that might bring in huge amounts. After studying the
    sites you can decide "what type of seller you'd like to aim to
    be" and should have a general idea of what type of domain
    name would be popular enough to draw bidders.
    > Start slow. I would not recommend paying to buy numerous
    domain names in the beginning. It can be excititng to see what
    is available and think you are "sure it will sell". The last thing
    one wants though is to own two hundred domain names, none
    of which are being bid on. You will probably also want to spend
    some time considering which domain name ending you want to
    invest in. Dot com and dot biz are the most popular but there
    are now numerous endings.
    Dot info can be a valauable ending if the dot com and dot biz
    are already taken. Dot mobi refers to domans that can be
    accessed via mobile phones, and is new and gaining in
    popularity. Dot tv is also new and some people use them on
    television, specifiically. A company that sells products on Tv
    might want that ending. There are also domain name endings
    that refer to specific places like dot jp, for japan and
    for companies located in the United Kingdom.These domain names Can
    be valuable, even if they are not a dot com, but it pays to spend time
    looking at sites like sedo
    and others to see what types of domain names and which
    domain name endings are getting bid on. For sites other than
    sedo, simply use a search engine and search "sell + domain
    There are many options, though I do prefer sedo because it is
    free to list there.
    > Realize that you are not the only player. When someone
    abandons a web address or domain name, by not paying thier
    yearly renewal fee, there is a period of time where it is listed
    as "about to be available". There are various sites that
    seasoned buyers and sellers belong to where they pay fees to
    be advised on what is about to be available. This does not
    mean that through trial and error you can not hit upon an
    available domain address that will noone owns. It does mean
    that unless to become a bidder you will have to spend some
    time trying numerous domains before you come across one
    that is available and that you think has good potential. Try not
    to get frustrated, others are thinking up combinations at the
    same time you are. If you are diligent, you can still find
    valuable domain addresses that you can register as your own
    and sell.
    If you follow these simple principals you Can make money
    buying and selling domain names. With a bit of research and
    perserverance you could be one of those people who turned
    five dollars into hundreds, thousands or even tens ofthousands of dollars.
    Domain buying and seling is not only fun, it can be profitable and how
    many other ways can you think of
    to make money online.... with an investment of only five

    Good Luck trading!
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    Wait, are you saying that you can make money with domain names? Get out of here! Really?

    Next thing you know, you'll be telling me that people are making money on MySpace.
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    you can make money from domain...its a shame tht all the good ones are already taken:p
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    Thanks for copying and pasteing the article from
    - which was, by the way, written for an audience which is entirely illterate to making any type of money on the internet - let alone blackhat internet marketers.
    If you think this is an article worth reading, at least mention the fact that you just found it somewhere instead of copying and pasting it in to make it seem like you wrote it for us.
    Or if you want to make it look like as if it was actually written entirely by you, I would recommend that you make a few modifications. Heres a few things I strongly recommend you do:

    a) Not just copy/paste the article all as is, but make few edits. You see, google has an awesome feature where you can search for exact phrases and sentences. All you have to do is put the desired phrase/sentence in "+" marks and then in the search results, you'll get all the indexed webpages online that have the exact wording in them. If someone looks at your post and becomes suspicious of the fact that you just copy/pasted in an article from one spot of the internet into here (like me), they can find you out immediately by doing a quick quote-mark search on one of the articles' sentences.
    I recommend you just change like 1 or 2 words in every other sentence as this will let the article stay basically the same as it was before, but also make it have a unique enough form to not allow the possibillity to have it successfully quote-marked checked up upon in the big-G - Or if your too lazy for that (which I assume you are), only change like a very small number of words in strategic parts of the article, mainly the begining.
    But this wouldnt be enough if you dont follow:
    b) Form the main article to make it look like an actual quality post. Just for a second, compare the whole form of my writing write here (which is getting close the word-mass of your post) to the form of your writing - and you'll see something very different. Do you see it? Its the length of each line in the post. My lines are the normal lines of a post when you actually write out something the natural way here at BHW, and your lines are the normal lines of section of a webpage that is obviously not of this forums'. Thats an immediate hit on the reader. Most users here have already read a countless number of posts on this forum and will instantly realize somethings funny about the form of your writing. In fact, most people that would come read this very thread were probably just reading some other post (which was naturally written), right before this, so they would have a fresh imprint of that in their minds as a means of comparison. So make sure to edit the form of all the sentences in writing to get them posted in the expected mold. And finally, to really make your writing bypass any negative suspicion and notions/hunches of you stealing written work from other people to be used for your own personal gains, I also recommend that you:
    c) Add in personalized sentences directed towards the targeted audience. The few words you actually took effort towards writing in next to the main article were ones you could have added in to a post that could have been targeted toward any audience, a writing that could be placed most anywhere on the internet. Thats a problem you see commited many places during spam-marketing. Like if you market on craigslist, you'll see this being done by many people out there: quite a few Cl-marketers send out emails bulk to the emails of the posters on craigslist and because their being bulk sent, they have to be generic messages that could be sent to pretty much anyone. Since all they want is you to reply to them so they can capture your email and then bulk send you affiliated advertisements, they send you emails like "interested in your item your selling on craigslist: please tell me final asking price, exact location of item and more pics if possible" and then expect you to send a reply. Although I think the fact that many of these guys' bad english is what gives them away, the fact that they were incapable of writing "interested in your ipod", "dishwasher machine", "sofa" or whatever the user is trying to sell, instead of just "craigslist item", makes the message spell out s-p-a-m right away. Dont commit doing this during a bhw copy/paste-other-material post though - instead write in a personalized merssage at the begining and end of your post. It doesnt have to be much, just something you would probably write in if you would actually really be contributing something useful to this forum.
    Something like "hey guys, I saw theres not too much being posted here in the Domain Names & Parking > Make Money With Domains section, so heres something to change that:" - in the begining and " and dont forget guys, if you really want to make lots of money the easy way - theres nothing better then selling drugs." - at the end would suffice. A personalized message or 2 really helps to make the writing look non copy/pasted.

    So thats pretty much it, hope everything was clear. Yeah, it may seem like a bit of work, but its worth it. If you can make sure to follow the above outlined few guidelines, I have no doubt you could be successful in tricking all of us into believing your actually contributeing something of value to this forum and in artificially inflating any conceived reputation of yours you might acheive in getting.

    Bestest of regards,
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    lol...he speaks the truth.
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    software developer
    nice discovery WhiteAl, gave you a thanks for "helping" him and helping us
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    So all I have to do is buy and then sell it and I'll make an assload of money? Phineas J. Whoopee, you're the greatest!
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    Brisbane Australia
    What's even more amazing is that they have the internet in Bulgaria!!!!!!
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    in the Bathroom down

    im member here since Feb 2008 and this is the first time i see someone that joking about someone else Origin.

    this is BHW and not IJ ,DP ,WF...
    that way i love BHW, you never see here ppl scorn you only because your Origin
    or if you have 1 post.
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    Are You From Mars?
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    Isn't that where they do throat singing?
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    Brisbane Australia
    Please excuse me for joking about your origin.

    May I ask what you intended to achieve by posting this article? I mean, it seems to be directed at the general public rather than blackhatters, and as well as not being yours, you don't give credit for it.

    Are you experienced in buying and selling domains? Do you have some experience that you could share with us? My attempts to sell domains have been a dismal failure, forcing me to use the domain names for some other purpose, mainly hosting my ebay efforts.