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make money with citrix gotoassist

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by ukescuba, May 11, 2009.

  1. ukescuba

    ukescuba Senior Member

    Feb 24, 2008
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    Mobile Marketer & QR Code Junkie
    San Antonio, TX
    you will need to install citrix 30 day free trial of gotoassist google it

    as most people know using the same ip address/cookies etc to click on adsense or filling in offers, reviews etc will get your accounts suspended or closed this is a great little work around which can earn you some extra $$$ each month if you do it properly

    now if you ask most of your friends to click on ads or fill out offers etc they cant be bothered or just dont get it... especially if your wanting your folks/parents to fill out offers... plus you dont want to be bothering them every other day... ask them if you can use there pc for 30 mins or an hour and basically use gotoassist remote desktop access, use there browser and ip address to fill in all offers, clicks, etc

    if they are really cool with you accessing their pc ask them if they will install the gotoassist unattended access feature, basically once they are not using their pc it will allow you to access it without them being present, almost all my family, parents, uncles, aunts, even granmother lol dont mind this being installed... as you can also help them when they get stuck on their pc...

    right now im stepping this up and have access to 7 pcs - a few of my friends dont have a problem with me leaving a netbook at their house thats permanently connected to their wireless network as they where not keen on me having unattended access, whats cool with this is you need to download anything you can and its not going to affect your friends pc ;)

    any time you need reviews, clicks, signups, cpas, etc from legit different ips just login with your gotoassist software, connect and use their machine or your netbook to do your dirty work... arm yourself with some VCCs/Visa Gift Cards, etc to fill in offers and you can make some good $$$...

    this way you can get legitimately get access to sites from across the nation and other countries without using dodgy proxies or driving around your neighborhood! :)

    hope that helps

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  2. coolness

    coolness Junior Member

    Nov 27, 2008
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    Logmein is great, sounds like the same thing, free version available.
    However I wouldnt bother doing clicks/signups for a couple of dollars, and risk banning.