Make Money With Books That Stink!

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    This is an old article on how to make cash from rewriting books and manuals.
    Perhaps some here may find it useful.

    And you don't have to pay $97. for this. :D

    How To Make Money With Information That STINKS!

    Learn how to make fast money selling simple booklets. With print-on-demand technology, you can make money from the comfort of your own home.

    How many times have you purchased a:

    * Book
    * E-Book
    * Course
    * Newsletter
    * Membership
    * Video
    * Cassette Tape Series or Info CD

    that was supposed to change your life?

    And how many times did the product leave you with the mental equivalent of INDIGESTION? Probably more times than you'd like to admit.

    Well, this past week, I met a man who has made a living recycling lousy information products. Between that and his ghost writing business, he makes a very good living.

    He has three clients. As it turns out, that's all he needs to make a very good living. He writes under so many different pen names that you could probably turn his head in a crowd by shouting out any one of a half-dozen names.

    He markets all of his "authors" books (he being all of them) under a single catalog. Or so I've been told.

    He finds most of his LOUSY publications at the local library and used book stores.

    Most authors, he contends, have downright boring writing styles. Almost robotic. They give one diluted, watered-down fact after another. My friend simply ads a little "spice" and "seasoning."

    How does he do it? First, he writes down all of the chapter names on a piece of paper. One piece of paper for each chapter. If you're using a notebook, one page with the chapter name at the top.

    Then, he writes down all of the USEFUL information from the chapter on the blank spaces beneath. He does this for each chapter. With a 15-page chapter, he'll usually have enough info to fill about 3-pages.

    After he's finished, he'll either combine 2 chapters into one - depending on how much GOOD information he found and/or do a little research to add additional meat to the book.

    Finally, he improves the chapter names and the book's title. Then he publishes the new book. It takes him about 1 month to complete a book from start to finish. This man told me, "Most people go broke trying to be original."

    Recently, I spoke at a conference and shared my ideas about how this can be done with magazine articles and booklet creation. The "new" book that's based upon the "old" ones is the exclusive property of the "new" author or his publisher. The "old" authors get ZILCH. NOTE: Chances are, the "old" authors probably "borrowed" quite a bit of their material from someone else as well.

    As with just about everything, the "copy" (or new book) only has to be 40% different to be considered an original work.

    There are "copies" of just about every product and/or brand on the market. A good example is the automotive industry. Ever notice the similarities between different models? Compare the Camaro to the Firebird. Not too different. The new products are modified just enough to make them originals.

    So the next time you read a post on a discussion board where someone asks,

    "I'm trying to sell my Grandmother's Blackstrap Molasses recipe without much success? Any suggestions for marketing my product?" - you can point them in the right direction.

    There may not be gold in them thar hills anymore, but it could very well be hiding beneath a layer of dust on a bookshelf - somewhere in your local vicinity!

    The End
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