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    I just had some ideas, I haven't really tested them out since I just came up with them but I guess you could make some money with it if you spent the time on it. There's a site called buy404s*com, they buy your Error 404s and every 1000 UV gets you $4. It may not sound a lot but I think with the methods I just came up with you could make some extra cash without spending any. The best thing about my methods is you don't need to have a site to make money so all you really have to do is send traffic to your link.

    Method #1: The Easy Way
    If you can find some cheap adult traffic for sale then buy it and send it to your link. The cheaper the better as long as they're UV's.

    Method #2: The Free Ways
    I was browsing the forum not too long ago and found a thread about how to get adult traffic. That thread is what gave me the ideas for this thread. Just follow the following methods and apply them with your link and you could be making some money.

    Now I haven't tried these methods with my link but I have done some other methods which got me well over 1000 UV's in less than a day but I think I'll keep them to myself.
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