"Make money online" and "Personal finance" together?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sadshow, May 30, 2013.

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    I have seen some success with short term plans, but nothing that stood the test of time. Now I am starting my first long term project, I financial blog that I purchased. It's 5 years old and has a high PR. The site is in the general / personal finance niche(s) but it's domain extension makes it country specific.

    I have experience in the "make money online" niche, but is it still profitable for the long term to zero in on the "make money online" keywords when your main reach will be restricted to one single country? Or should I make more of an authority site with lots of different finance related sub categories and mix in "make money online" as one of those categories?

    A lot of you guys have more experience with this stuff than me and I'd really appreciate any time you can take to give me a little advice on deciding the path for my long term goal.
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    It's definitely better to reach as big of an audience as possible! In my own businesses, I make my sites and blogs available to pretty much the whole world. Also, I use as many key terms in my industry (which one of them happens to be the "make money online" industry) as I can. For example, "make money online", "home based business", "internet marketing", "work from home", "affiliate marketing" and so on.

    I have been trenched in the SEO business for about two years now. Because of my SEO experience and success, I decided to start with an affiliate marketing company on the side. However, there is much more to affiliate marketing than just SEO. I don't know exactly what kind of "make money online" business you are involved in, but if you are working under someone, I would hope that they would help you out with weekly if not daily training.

    In my personal situation, my superiors are providing me with more training than I can handle, especially since I'm just working part time. They make it as easy as possible for me to succeed and because of this, I have seen results faster than I anticipated. I'm not necessarily trying to recruit you or anyone for that matter, but if world class training with a proven platform for making money in ANY business is something you need in your next endeavor, I would recommend checking out some of the videos on my blog to see how these guys can help you. These guys are the best in the industry. If you would like, private message me! If not, I hope at least some of this was helpful and I wish you the best of luck moving forward!