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Make Money Offering Free Websites To Local Businesses

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MarketWriter, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. MarketWriter

    MarketWriter Junior Member

    Jul 4, 2011
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    If you are good with putting together simple websites, then this is quick way to bank some extra cash. I have personally used this method in the past and it has helped keep me above water in many situations.

    Step 1:
    Find a cheap hosting company with a high paying affiliate commission. I prefer HostGator as they have been good for me.

    Step 2:
    Locate businesses in your area that do not have a website. Lawyers and doctors do not seem to work in my area very well, but smaller mom-and-pop style shops do well as do day cares, lawn care business, plumbers and other utilitarian businesses. I use YP.com to locate businesses that do not have a website listed on their ad. Takes a couple of seconds to run a search in my area.

    Step 3:
    Contact the businesses and offer them a free one-page website. Of course, don't just call them and say "Hiya! Want a free one-page website?". What I recommend is first sending them a promotional flyer introduction your company and let them know that you would like to talk with them about a website. At this point, you need to make sure they know that the consultation will not cost them any money and just a little of their time. Ask for a call back in the letter.

    If you have not received a call back from the letter, now you should do a cold call. You are now reinforcing your presense and desire to work with them. Most likely, they have at least opened your letter, so they do know you exist. Call and ask to speak with the owner. It is a good idea to get the owner's name from a site such as Manta. If it isn't listed, just be friendly and ask if the owner is available. If they are not, ask when would be a good time to call back.

    When you get the owner on the phone, present them with a question that benefits them, not you. They don't want to be sold on anything at this point. Take the time to make the interested in the potential of more profit, more traffic ... whatever they may want. Even now, don't ask for a sale. Now you should ask them for an appointment.

    Once you are in the office, stick to the benefits they will receive. Explain to them how even a simple one-page website will help them tremendously. Of course, sprinkle in some "extras" to spice up the deal and present even more benefits.

    Step 4:
    Make sure that they use a PROMO CODE that is matched to your affiliate id when signing up with their hosting plan. Now you made cash without actually taking any money from them.

    Of course, if you did your presentation right, you also made a sale on the "extras" such as SEO optimization, website maintenance plans and other goodies.
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  2. jr_sci

    jr_sci Senior Member

    Jan 30, 2010
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    CTO at Tiny Piglet Publishing, Bestselling Author
    that's a nice old trick from John Chow's days...
  3. proweb

    proweb Regular Member

    Feb 24, 2011
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    I used to make bank selling hosting plans doing something similar to what you suggested.

    Eventually I got to the point where I did the following:

    1) Targeted a very specific niche

    2) Built an easily customizable wordpress theme (which automatically created all the pages, content related to their niche, pictures, etc on the website during the install). This way I didn't have to custom build each site which takes time. The theme had a "Spoof" admin page I built where they would enter the specifics such as their location, name, etc. and it would update that for their entire site.

    3) Contacted different hosting companies to see which ones would automatically install the wordpress theme I designed for all my referring customers. Generally the conversations would go like "If I sell 100 hosting plans/month will you do this" etc.

    4) This is where you make the real money. Contact the individuals who need a website and tell them your services. Say that you charge $500 for a professional website, but if they signup for a hosting plan (which costs $4.95/month) they'll get a FREE basic website from you, and they can upgrade to the professional website at anytime for $250 more. Show them the template, and 90% of them will signup that day just for the free website.
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  4. marikoe

    marikoe Registered Member

    Oct 26, 2010
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    1. Doesnt Hostgator automatically install the wordpress themes?

    2. How did you contact them?

    3.What would be the differents between the free basic website and professionale website?

    4. Did they ever tried to go for a cheaper hosting or never questioned it? And if they did where you just honest about it and told you got a commission everytime somebody purchased treu your link?

    90 procent commison is great. if i would go serious about it i could make 2 sales a day.
  5. youtalkmedia

    youtalkmedia Senior Member

    Dec 5, 2011
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    Web Developer
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    Funny thing is I have had more luck selling people website and having them sign up for the host gator then trying to give free. When I tried to give a free one everyone always just kept asking why it was free, and they would not trust it...
  6. JrNation109

    JrNation109 Junior Member

    Jan 26, 2013
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    Full-Time Student
    Interesting, I think I will give this a shot!