Make money method musicxray (Entirely new method)

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    You need proxies for this method.
    This is a make money method on musicxray. It will probably destroy the site after I post this but I got pissed because they are cheap as fck towards their listeners and I want to prevent marketers that promote this site with lies that people can make $12 an hour for example.

    To my knowledge I have not seen this method anywhere that is similar and I will probably regret posting this. Some people will maybe get pissed because I reveal it.

    Here it goes. pay you by listening to new song released by artists. What you do is grab a bunch of emails. Create multiple accounts on musicxray. You will also need multiple facebook accounts.
    For each account you scan for new e-mails and you get one that tells you to listen to a song. They pay you under a dollar. With one account you can make $12 a month if you're lucky.

    The good thing is that you have many accounts. If you have 100 accounts you can make $1200 a month which is much better. You need 100 proxies.

    You will probably not be able to withdraw the money when you have access to the minimum $20 to withdraw limit because using your same paypal account would probably ban you. Don't think it is possible to have multiple paypal accounts well maybe you know. I would like to know that.

    So how do you withdraw your money? Well you can sell the accounts on fiverr or here on BHW. Sell them for $15 a piece. You make money and the buyer make money. If they don't know the method they may ask you what is the catch? Well you can only use one paypal.

    Someone else could buy 50 accounts from you and resell them using other means.
    This is my idea. Lets throw some balls on the idea and see how to make it better.
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