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Make money from your videos

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Aarvind Vimepot, May 4, 2016.

  1. Aarvind Vimepot

    Aarvind Vimepot Newbie

    May 4, 2016
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    Hi, everybody.

    I am looking for people with a sense of humor who are ready to make money from their videos.

    I ve made a website, sort of a game, where people can post videos and specify a hidden phrase, so that other users can guess this hidden phrase for profit or for free. The idea is really simple. I am looking for short, simple videos from whoever is interested. No copyright, offense or adult material.
    The registration is quick. Your earnings are transparent, you can see billings very clearly and in a detailed way. No binding contract, spam, etc. All payments are via Paypal, so it is safe.
    At this point, I am looking for videos and users who are ready to play for money or for free. See the website address in about me pages. There are some example videos already there, so you can see what I mean.

    Here is a detailed description of how to post a video:

    1. Shoot a video. Don't steel it from a website, make sure it is not a copyright or a censored material. Basically, your video needs to pass moderation. It is better if your video is creative and fun to watch. This way more people are likely to view it.

    2. Upload it on the Vimepot website.

    3. Set the secret phrase, which is realistic and not too simple. A complicated phrase means you may not be able to pass the moderation and a simple phrase will be guessed in an instance.

    4. Set an affordable price for you, which is not too high to pay when your video is guessed. At the same time the price should be high enough to attract users. A cost of a take is $0.5, so not many people will be attracted to $1-priced videos.

    5. Get an idea of how many takes is required to guess your video and plan your earnings accordingly.

    6. Put video links on your facebook page and send it to friends to attract more people.

    That's it really. Hope I conformed to BH forum rules, as this is my first post here!
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