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Make money from Lineage2 Game server [NEW METHOD] 2015

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by LatinMaster, May 3, 2015.

  1. LatinMaster

    LatinMaster Newbie

    Mar 13, 2014
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    hi ppl i want to share one method to make money by playing game!

    1. Download l2 Cilent and patch from here l2deathwhisper net
    2. Make account
    3. Join the l2deathwhisper Server (l2deathwhisper net)
    4. Make Items and sell them in other forums

    Also Admin of this server give free money if u win one castle with your clan like 200donate coins=200euros (U can sell them in forums or other ppl!!!)

    If u are a gamer enjoy this METHOD


    We are glad to present you L2DeathWhisper Interlude PvP, yes this is not a joke!
    After 6 years, L2DeathWhisper is coming back much more stable and unique than ever!
    Server is running on latest Acis revision, with all patches/mods imported to avoid any bug/exploit.
    Furthermore, we worked hard on server's balance and economy, in order to provide you the best gaming enviroment.
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to L2DeathWhisper!

    EXP: 5000x
    SP: 5000x
    Drops: 5x
    Adena: 8000x.
    Safe Enchant: 7
    Max Enchant: 30
    Enchant Rate: 75%
    Blessed Enchant Rate: 85%
    TOP Lifestone Chance: 13%
    High Lifestone Chance: 10%
    Augment Skill Stack: 1 Active + 1 Passive

    Nexus Customized Event Engine
    We reworked Nexus to fit with L2DeathWhisper. Join the automatic TvT, CTF, Domination and mini events to win event medals!
    Added: type .joinevent to join the upcoming event or find the NPC in town.

    NEW Chaotic Zone
    The most precious and dangerous zone in DeathWhisper's world is located in TOI and you need a party to go there. On the last floor, there is a raid boss which is also dropping precious things.
    ATTENTION: This zone is a flag zone, which means everyone can kill anyone for the glory of the spot. You need a party, if you wanna survive.

    Farmer of the Hour Event
    The more you farm the more items you get. Farming is not easy on deathwhisper, so we decided to give some extra rewards to the top farmers. To avoid cheats, only specific mobs are counted in.

    Player of the Day Event
    The guy with the most pvp kills within 24 hours, will get a reward. In order to participate, you need to kill enemies in our pvp or chaotic zone only.

    Clan War Event
    Gather your clan and invite other clans to a war! Winner takes reputation points!

    Vote Rewards
    Individual Vote: After you click on Vote Manager NPC and vote on our website, you will get the vote buff which will give you some extra P.Def/M.Def for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you have to vote again in order to get the vote buff.
    Massive Vote: The more votes we get, the more rewards for L2DeathWhisper players. Massive Vote rewards all players, when a number of votes is achieved.

    Retail S Grade Gear
    S grade Weapons are boosted against mobs. So choose your gear wisely before you start farming.

    Custom Gear
    DeathWhisper is back, so we couldn't replace our old Death Weapons and Whisper Armors. If you wanna see a preview, just scroll up and click on our promo video.
    Epic mask, Epic Shield and Tattoos are included as well, just like the old times!
    Note: Custom Items are restricted from olympiad games.

    Olympiad Games Enchantment Value Formula
    With simple words, no matter how big your enchantment is, stats will be counted as +7. We believe that olympiad games will be much more balanced like that.

    Gold Coin: Used to buy custom items. Can be farmed on Cruma, Primeval Isle, Chaotic and Raid Bosses.
    Blue Coin: Used to buy custom items. Can be farmed on Antharas Lair, Primeval Isle, Chaotic and Raid Bosses.
    Event Medal: Obtainable from events. Used to buy items.
    Gold Bar: 1kkk adena = 1 gold bar. You can exchange it on shop.
    Noblesse Scroll: Right click to become noblesse.
    Mark of Hero: Right click to become hero for 24 hours.

    Champion Mob: It is spawned in farm zones and has better drops.
    Shop: All retail items can be bought here.
    Custom Shop: All custom items can be bought here.
    Buffer: 1 click buffs, scheme buffs, pet buffs, all buffs are here!
    Account Manager: If you want to change your password, use him.
    Casino Manager: Double or nothing? Play with caution!
    Vote Manager: Use it 2 times per day to vote for L2DeathWhisper and get special rewards!
    Gatekeeper: Teleport worldwide for free!
    Siege Informer: Register on a siege!
    Clan Manager: Upgrade your clan here!
    Clan War Manager: Register on a clan war!

    Other Functions
    KS protection enabled on all farm zones
    PvP count enabled in sieges/arenas
    Antibot Protection
    Anti-feed Olympiad Protection
    IP/HWID Protection
    Top PVP player login auto announcement
    Top PK player login auto announcement
    Siege Lord player login auto announcement
    PVP/PK name color
    Hero Period: 7 days

    Epic RaidBosses
    At the moment we have imported 2 new epic raid bosses with special abilities/tactics, there is one more in chaotic zone but its power is currently unknown. They are spawning automatically every day, and if you slay them you will obtain extremely rare items. Remember that you need tactics in order to kill them since their skills are very powerful. Are you ready to mess with Balok and Halisha?

  2. Lermontov

    Lermontov Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2014
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    Whatever. Ban hammer coming....
  3. Silly

    Silly Regular Member

    Sep 21, 2009
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    Home Page:
    Promoting your server? ...
  4. LatinMaster

    LatinMaster Newbie

    Mar 13, 2014
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    No promote you can make this method to make money...Also tested in other servers! But this specially works here cuz admin give 200donate coins=200euro! If u can win castle! Also in other servers u can make donate coins and sell them in real money just google it...! Tnx
  5. ChanzGrande

    ChanzGrande Elite Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    Feel the wrath of the ban hammer - undoubtedly - in addition to being a ludicrous thread designed for self-promotion.