Make Money 24/7 All of the time with Clickbank & Youtube

Oct 27, 2014
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Making Money Online is the best and easiest way to earn money because it not only gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the World (if you choose to work) but it also provides you with the time freedom so you can do whatever you want to do such as work on accomplishing your dreams or spending time with your family while your little efforts keep making you money 24/7 all of the time.

If you don?t feel like working, but still want to make money online 24/7 all of the time, you can hire Virtual Assistants who will do all of your online work for you. Prices and quality of the Virtual Assistants services vary, so be sure to compare multiple Virtual Assistants websites.

Here?s an easy way to make money online split-up into two Parts.

Part 1: Getting Started

Step 1. Sign up on clickbank

Step 2. On clickbank click on Marketplace.

Step 3. In the Find Products: Search box type: ?The System For Success? then click Promote.

(Optional) Change your clickbank hoplink URL using services like bitly and/or tinyurl.

Step 4. Share your referral URL on Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) and everywhere on the internet.

Part 2: Maximizing Your Earnings

Step 1. Get a youtube account if you don?t already have one.

Step 2. Target Channels with 10,000+ views on any videos they have.

Step 3. Click on all of the channels you want to make money from and then click About to send a message.

​Step 4. Send a message to channels saying something like this: ?Business Proposal- I?ll give you a percentage (how much % you?re willing to give) of all profits I make or (offer something that?s of value such as a book or personalized service. It can be anything you want), if you put my website URL(your hoplink URL from Clickbank) in all of your videos descriptions right under the Published On Date, in your videos as annotations and/or link bubbles and send a message to your subscribers to check out my website(your hoplink URL from Clickbank).

It should look like this:

Published On ?Check This Out!!! (your hoplink URL from Clickbank)​

I will pay you via (your preferred payment method) Paypal, Google Wallet, MoneyGram/Western Union, Cash or Check. If you?re interested in changing lives for the better, reply back so we can get started immediately.?

*You can use this technique with other websites and any products but Youtube is best for reaching a large number of people 24/7 all of the time.
Part 2 of your guide could definitely work and can be adjusted and customized by smart people who know how to propose this type of thing properly. There are also many different ways you can go about this method. Good share, going to adjust it and use it soon.
the first post you say that you are noob
and now the second post you teach people how to make money in the same day
I guess the third post may be about fishing sth
This method was big a while ago and worked great. It still works of course and has lots of potential.
Very old method but still works. However, not as effective as before because you now have these owners monetizing their own videos with CPA/clickabank offers. :p
Agreed with replies above. This is a very time consuming method. Out of 10 messages you send, you will get about 2 replies, from which one may be saying "I'm not interested".
Now lets say you find a decent channel and have an agreement with owner. He may change his mind later, or someone else will offer him more for link placement. In both cases - you are out.

There had been many journeys following this "buying videos" model, but none of them was successful. The only pros I see is a zero initial investment.
I really hope this isn't one of your Billion Dollar Ideas.

Damn, why can't noobs just be noobs, instead of trying to be Gurus within 24 hours of signing up to BHW?
Great share, i will try this method even though i think it needs a bit improvement. But i could work.
adding a landing page and build your own list would help in scaling up
I still dough if this method works. Instead we can buy a space for you link on some one's video.
You need to offer a monthy fee
and even then the owners get wise and do it themselves,
Will pobably work best with a landing page where your giving away an ebook or something for free.
This way the channel owner, may not see the monetization method.
and will be less inclined to do it himself.
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