Make $$ : I fell for this, so I don't see why it shouldn't make you good money!!!

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    Hello all. I want to share with you something I came across recently.
    I will try my best to be as articulate as possible.

    I was browsing through a certain forum and I saw this post title :

    "I have made another 697USD today"

    I clicked on the title which lead me to the original post that contains a post similar to this :

    "I found this book by today on my cousin's hard drive. He no longer uses since he is now into bigger stuffs . On my first run, i have made 323USD. I still can't believe how easy this is and why he never told about it all these time.
    Anyone one else using the same method?"

    On going to the domain he provided, I realized the book was no longer for sale.

    The site says something in this line:

    "An angry programmer exposes the roulette game insider secret".
    The site went on for another few lines to talk about why the guy exposed the trick to the outside world. The website claimed the programmer anger had been aroused after being sacked for reasons not warranting such.
    The website said only 15 copies of the book was sold and that each had been sold for 7,999USD.

    The website also told the sales of the ebook was closed and that it will not be reopened until after some 9 months.

    After reading all of these, I got very excited and went back to the OP. I requested if he could send me a copy of the book which he obliged.

    On receiving the ebook, I read through it and I was set for actions. It was only a one page book and here is the main info it contains :

    Step 1. Select a password containing any combination of letter / word and ending with the letter "E". The password must be at least 5 characters long
    For example : smi2a4E

    Step 2. Select a user name ending with the digit "5".
    Example : Markuls0b5

    Step 3. Go to this link(hyperlink inserted) and create an account using the chosen user name and password.

    step4 . Make any deposit ending in 5. Mind you, the minimum deposit you should make for this system is 65USD. So, 65USD, 75USD, 85USD e.t.c are fine

    Step 5 : Start playing and bet on red after any 5 consecutive black in a row. Only bet when you have red after a row of 5 blacks.

    I did as the book instructed and got playing. After following the instructions to the letter and no win but loss, I figured something must be wrong.
    I went back to the book and realized he had inserted an affiliate link in the link he gave.

    This was when I got my brains back and started to think outside of the box.

    So in short, what this guy is doing is to get people to deposit money to a certain poker / gambling affiliate network using his affiliate links. And you can do the same!

    Here is how to replicate his system :

    There are several gambling affiliate network willing to pay per user deposit. Just research. Once you have your list of affiliate networks, follow
    the next series of steps.

    1. Register a domain and create a website using wordpress. You can also use a free blog site, but using own domain makes a huge difference.

    2. Tweak and twist the above explained website content of the guy. You can include some roulette table picture to make it look fancy.

    3. Edit the above explained content for the guy's ebook to meet up your own taste

    4. Find about 10-15 large and popular forums(Money making foums) Forex forums will do really well for this.

    5. Make some attractive title like the guy did and use your own imagination to create the post.

    6. After 2 days of making the initial post, go back to the thread and write something like :

    "Okay I will put the book here. Many people have been asking for it via PM. But one thing, please don't share this anywhere else. Here(Hyperlink) it is.

    Thank you!"

    7. Update the threads once or twice every 3 days with fresh details about how much more you have made.

    That's all. If you have any question, post here, I will reply so others can also learn from it.

    And if you find it useful, your inputs are welcome.

    Thank you all.

    If this has been shared before, or in someway doesn't fit here, kindly notify me, I will make needed amendments.
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    LOL, you actually fell for it?

    I mean can't you figure an affiliate link out? This might work just fine but I would never have fell for it. Seriously.
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    Figured something similar before, but thanks for taking your time to share it (although in my opinion you should've provided a little less info if you want this to not end up extremely saturated.)
    Make your own twist for this people, don't limit yourselves to gambling on this one. As OP mentioned: think outside the box!

    Us social engineers would basically call this a method of reverse psychology.

    Apparently you don't appreciate other people's effort and instructions. Don't worry, though, over time you'll learn to think creatively and outside the box and that only experimenting can give you the correct ideas.
    That aside, I can imagine OP falling for it (although I wouldn't) as an affiliate link always looks shady to some. What does that tell you? A 'hacker' saying you have to register through a link that looks like "" would seem like it's some sort of secret/glitched link that would allow a certain form of abuse or injection.

    Good share, urogoldxx.
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    Martingale theory doesn't work in the long term.
  5. QuietZorg

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    That is a damn sneaky way of getting people to sign up...

    It does work.

    If you have infinite money/time
  6. Waterfield

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    hence, "in the long term". It all averages to a negative. Even with betfair zerolounge no 0 on the board.

    Also combine this with gamblers fallacy / ruin and you're more or less go for broke.
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    The BigSmoke
    For f's sake when will people understand you cannot beat the casino. Poker, card counting and private bots are the only ways to beat the house. All the rest are in the casino's favour, why do you think casinos exsist. Give it up before you loose all your money, because you WILL in the end.
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    It's an old trick ;)

    People like him/her have make a 100s of "systems" just to make you deposit you money so they can win after you have register with their affiliate link!

    I knew... I used to believe this crap several years ago when I still believe I can win at the roulette ! Don't waste your money that way ;)

    You can beat the casino ;)


    P.S.: I Know if I apply the "system" and write a short ebook there are gona be 100s who would tried it but I think I'm too good to do that to people who are just there where I have been, I know how it feels when U finally get what's going on, I know there're 1000000's who won't care for those who used the 'so called system', but I'm not suh a guy !
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    what are the best poker affiliates?
  10. Miss Seoretician

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    that's some nice info just there. Bet there are loads of ppl that fall for this stuff. and as said before, a little out of the box thinking and you can use this tactic in loads of niches
  11. superspiderman

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    Yeah martingale theory will only ever work if you have an unlimited bankroll - which no-one does. Plus u have to have balls the size of watermellons