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make google ma bitch

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gustavo_fring, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. gustavo_fring

    gustavo_fring Registered Member

    Jun 26, 2016
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    heyo there,

    thanks for this awesome community. i am glad i found you guys.
    so i got my scrapebox and im scraping the whole fucking day on 3 computers with 2 vm each.

    I got some questions and i hope you could help me:

    when i find available web 2.0s i have to register them with another ip every time.
    -is there any managemend system/tool how i can do this in a few minutes/seconds (automatically?)
    -which tools do you use to register/manage wordpress websites, web 2.0s and stuff? i heard about cpanel, is there any alternative on the market?
    -so i got all this web 2.0s. but now, how to step by step link them up to build the pbn? day by day, week by week?
    what web 2.0s should i look for so they pass the link juice on my money site? does any site pass link juice or do i need good cf / tf?
    - whats the min. for a good web 2.0? im talking bout pa, da, tf, cf.
    is there any alternative to majestic? i hate this shit, no trial version outside there.

    thank you very much guys
    have a nice day and make good money
  2. DigitalCon

    DigitalCon Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jul 27, 2014
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    Internet Research
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    - When registering web2.0 on the same platform, yes its a good practice to do it using different ips.

    - There are a lot of tools that do that. Search for rankerx and fcs networker

    - Cpanel is not used to manage web2.0. Most web2.0 platforms have their own custom management system.

    - Rather than building a web2.0 PBN, why not go for actual domains. That way you have more control over your outbound links and the link juice is not sucked all up by zillions of internal links. To juice up anyway, you can use any automated tool to create 2nd tier links to them, most popular one is GSA. All web2.0's will pass link juice to your linked money site provided they have any. You can use TF/CF as one criteria to judge if the web2.0 are good or not. Other than that, look out for spammy backlinks.

    - Don't fall for minimum maximum of metrics when it comes to web2.0s. Just look at the backlink profile. If they have good links from good sources register them, afterall the registration is free.

    - You can use ahrefs as an alternative. Its is actually better.