Make Bank OFF Disqus...At Least In Theory.

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    This is so simple that it will only take up three lines....This is for the newbies who keep asking pointless questions about how to make money online....This will not get saturated.

    First you need a junk Twitter account.Just go make one.

    Next go to Google and type in "Powered by Disqus" "Your Niche Keyword" You can go with just that or use advanced search and pick by hour,week or month....Up to you.

    Now just post comments to every site which are not moderated for the most part.

    Get free traffic.

    Why am I sharing this?Because it wont get saturated.And I know that most users on here lack creativity to just butcher this and not make shit.

    Real IM'ers will see the value in this.....

    Quit posting stupid threads about "How Do I Make Money Online"

    You will get free traffic from this....Getting conversions depends on your own creativity.