Make an easy $1,000+/month (ab)using unverified G Places listings..

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I found a few insurance terms that had none verified lists (with the Google Local on front page of Google).... I tried to get it changed but never manged :(

I dunno if they are still there.... it was within
the method was shared here on BHW already long time ago.

Oh, sorry man, didn't have enough time to read all the threads' content on BHW for the past three years.

Whatever way you look at it.. its quite powerful to able to redirect any local term that is well-positioned through a website of your liking. If you manage to get past the moderators of course.
i tried it with hotels (mostly in las vegas) about 1 1/2 or 2 years ago.
was hard to get through the moderation when you targeted the big hotels.
was easier for smaller hotels but didn't bring enough traffic.
all in all for me personally it was not worth it.
This method is definitely suited for the more patient types. As OP mentioned, it's a numbers game, so if you have a hard shell, and are determined to go on after X amount of rejections, this method is for you.

I am not knocking it, but I felt the OP just mentioned "numbers game" in a blase kind of way, whereas in reality it's quite a boring method to undertake.

Good luck to those who try. :drinking2
any proof of earnings?

Lol, I'm the one contributing here and you want me to proof something?
Feel free to try this 'method' or move on to the next best Clickbank product with awesome fake screenshots..
I get now why people are apprehensive to share something here.
ok.. i'll change the tone.

I never saw this method before today.. and I don't really care who shared it before.. I'm glad milo shared it again today so I could see it.

I think this is a really good idea as-is with offers.. not even considering the twists with just where the traffic ends up.
Hope you guys have a copy of this thread.. closing it. Too many clueless people (no offense)
Not open for further replies.
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