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    under there
    I am currently running a certification site, where people sign up and get study material before taking tests. I am preparing to scale this up from individuals to businesses purchasing a license for their employees
    I currently distribute the study material in either eBook format, online viewable, or for an extra fee they can get physical books(nice hardbound OR in binder format). None of this is an issue.
    My issue is them taking the tests. I currently run them through an online testing site for that, which shaves off some of my profit. It is built into the pricing currently, but does cut down on my profits. I would like to be able to build the site so that I could keep them on-site, because as I scale up the site, I need it to be seamless. No company would pay to run their employees through multiple websites, especially with having to register each on another site.
    The site is built on WordPress currently, but if I have to I can switch it over.
    Any suggestions for locked testing sections on a site, in which each test is able to be tracked by log-in, plus track each test taken.
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    Try moodle (think it is .org??). Its free and open source. Not sure about any integration with wordpress though. Will give you lots of different options re tests as well, many of which are self marking