Make a quick comission selling one of my TV show sites.

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    Hello, I am looking for someone with a good experience in selling web sites on sites such as flippa and DP. I have a TV show site that is close to 2 years old with all stat and traffic proof. Right now the site is earning around $300 a month and on track for $500 for this month. Since I had it last year earnings went down because I have not done any SEO work since I bought it so it is just sitting there with potential. Last year at this time it was earing $1000+ each month so someone experience in selling these sites should be able to get a pretty nice price. I am willing to give the person who sells it 10% interest on what ever it is that they get someone to purchase it at. I would estimate that you could get $3,000 pretty easily so that would be an easy $300 for you. Please only contact me if you have experience in selling sites you will have to show me your account usernames with each site as proof.