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Make $500 per webdesign sale

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by jenjen1, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. jenjen1

    jenjen1 Newbie

    Oct 19, 2008
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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm looking for partners. I have a webdesign company and i would like to find marketers who can sell websites and make $500 per sale. I design ecommerce stores using magento. You can check out my website and view the sites. The sites are really beautiful and professional.

    If you would like to sell websites you can post on craigslist and use other blackhat methods. You will need to put together a site displaying the websites that my design team has created. You will need to take care of the contact with the client from beginning to end of site. You will get paid when the client makes the final payment on website completion. It can take a min of two weeks for the website to be completed.

    If you are interested please go to my site MKLGenterprises.com
    Contact me through the "contact form" on my website..that way it will not end up in the spam box. Let me know if you are interested. :) Or send me a message through this site.