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    You need quick cash and don't want to invest too much work into it?
    Here's a way to earn around 25$ per day, but be warned: You'll probably only get traffic for around a week.

    1. Check Google Hot Trends.
    2. Look if there's some new hot topic fitting into a niche where you can image there're products to sell and affiliate programs for it. (Forget adsense)
    3. Pick a nice topic and write around 600 words about it. Place CPA offerings over and under the text. Go for long-tail keywords such as "Famous Star named xy cheating his wife and killing his dog". Name your press JUST LIKE THAT.
    4. Put that text into some wordpress or blogger freeblog. Doesn't really matter since both will rank within a few minutes.
    5. Set up another text on the same topic and upload it to scribd and CO. Just google for "upload document" and share it wherever you can. Upload it as PDF with your blog linked, use anchor text with keyword.
    6. Harvest some blogs using scrapebox or similar. It's okay if they only contain a part of your targeted keyword. Spam the sh... out of them using your keyword as name.
    7. Ping all your successfull posted backlinks.
    8. If you have Bookmarking Demon or some similiar program, bookmark your blog and all the backlinks to it. Use multiple accounts of course.

    If you got some routine you should be able to do the job within 60-100 minutes, depending on the quality of your blog etc. I personally achieve pretty good rankings (page one, rank 1-5 usually) within minutes, sometimes a few hours.

    If you dont rank pretty well don't care too much
    People googling for new and hot topics tend to use the "newest" function, so they'll find your blog even if you dont normally rank on page 1.

    Tell me if it works for you too.
    I know it's not a really new strategy but I thought some newbies could use this method to make their first dollars.

    Have fun guys!