Make $200 Every Day, It’s Not that Hard

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    Hey Forum i Found this short guide on how to make $200 everyday check it out below


    $200 a day online is a reasonable wage & something a lot of people aspire to make. So what does it take to make that amount?

    You could read countless ebooks telling you that Adsense is the way to go, however I find that most new webmasters get blinded so much by the pennies they?re making on Adsense to really look at the bigger picture. There are literally millions of different ways, combinations & methods to earn money online. You just need to be creative.

    People moan that Black Hat SEO?s are unethical, which to a certain extent could be true (For some). I like to think of them as Creative SEO?s, alway willing to try new things & put new methods to the test. There?s more creativity because there?s less conformity to how things ?should? be done. This can be a great mindset to have when brainstorming about earning money online.

    So without further ado I?m going to show you step by step how I used to make $200 / day, sometimes more. It?s got nothing to do with Google or Adsense but I hope that it will give you the urge to look at other avenues & get your creative juices flowing. Once you see how potentially easy this is you may never want to waste time on low paying clicks ever again ;)

    This particular method can work with a number of products or services, I however used it to make money from Online Casinos. It?s probably a good idea to check out whether the law in your country permits you to promote Online Casinos before trying this one out, I was living in the UK whilst I was promoting this so it was perfectly legal for me :)

    Step 1

    First of all you need to become an affiliate of a good Online Casino. I worked with about 5 or 6 to finally settle with one I liked.

    My favorite is Casinoblasters, they?re the affiliate program for the Golden Palace perhaps the largest online casino in the world. They pay on time via Wire Transfer every month & I?ve never had any problems. You can view your reporting in real time so you can check to see how much cash you?ve made ;)

    There?s two types of program with them:

    Revenue Share: You get paid 50% of the Revenue the Casino Makes off any signups for life. So for example if you sign up a few High Rollers you can make serious cash from this option.

    CPA: If you?d rather play things safe then you can opt to be paid up to $300 PER SIGNUP. Needless to say I chose this option.

    So first of all let?s get a Casinoblasters Account. You can sign up by clicking on Casinoblasters.

    Step 2

    This is the research phase. To promote my Casinoblasters Affiliate ID (which linked to the CPA at Golden Palace) I had to explore a number of different avenues. I realized that the online Marketplace for Casino Websites is fairly saturated & I would have to put in way more work than I?d want to in that area.

    I decided to do offline promotion, i.e. not on a website.

    So I went about writing 10 small ebooks, each based around a particular roulette strategy. I researched the most profitable strategies (is there such a thing? :p) & also the ones that seemed most actionable. This is important, if a potential buyer doesn?t believe a strategy will work they won?t try it in the first place. Just like if you think this strategy I?m telling you about isn?t achievable you won?t try it, right?

    Once I?d written the ebooks, I made sure I had calls within them to my Affiliate Link for the Golden Palace. I?m not going to go into details about what the ebooks contained, that?s up to you to test out. But they more or less walked the person through the strategy, explained how much they could potentially make then asked them to sign up & try it out.

    Step 3

    This part is the main execution of the plan. How was I actually going to circulate the Ebooks? I did this in 3 ways. Each slightly more ingenious than the last:

    1.I made a folder containing the ebooks & shared them on file sharing networks. Perhaps clocking up 15-20 downloads per day.

    2.Sign up to eBay. Simply sell the ebooks on eBay for $0.01 each. I was selling 50 some days which was raking in some serious cash. If you write a larger ebook, give it reseller rights & let others resell it for you.

    3.This is perhaps the most ingenious way of distributing the ebooks. Sign up to eBay, buy one of those ?1000+ Resellable Ebooks? pack for like $2 then unzip them all. Zip one of your ebooks in with every ebook as a ?bonus ebook? then resell the pack on eBay for $0.25 or whatever. Then every time someone resells an individual ebook they?re also distributing your ebook for you, talk about viral ;)


    It?s a simple method with some big ideas. You can see for yourself the potential of this working easily & bringing you in some easy cash. I still get hundreds of clicks & some conversions everyday just from people reselling my ebook on, which is a tidy couple of thousand dollars a month. This way I can still make cash & let everyone else do my legwork for me. This is what you should be aiming for, the less work you have to do the more time you can spend on other projects or brainstorming sessions.

    the guide advice you to write your own ebook but not all of us have write skills so this is what i do i search on google for free ebooks on poker and roulette and i just edite the affiliate links to mine.

    and the original guide could still be found below


    hope you enjoy
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    The blog article was written in Dec 06,
    not sure whether it still works now,
    but still worth a read and a try.
    Thank you.
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    I dont know how legal it is for US residents to participate in the sale of online gambling. This certainly needs to be investigated as a concern before anyone actually implements this. This may of course not be a concern in your country if you live somewhere else.

    Disclaimer: IANAL.
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    I did this for a while, the problem is that you get banned so quick from trackers its not even funny. Yeah you can use proxies which cost time to find good ones, but somtimes you upload gambling stuff and it gets deleted in 2 min....they watch this very close. Besides that its illegal in the US so be carefull with it...