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    I?m paying $10 PER successful WRITER account Sign-Up to the two sites below:

    The accounts must be active so that I can sign in and have access to jobs. It doesn't matter what "level" writer you are, as long you have an active account that can take jobs at the lowest level.

    I'm paying $10 for each successful WRITER account. First person to send me account details that WORK gets PAID.

    PM me the info.
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    I'm just going to throw this out there, as a writer for both sites:

    When you register to work with both of the sites they require a social security number and tax information. They tend to suspend or suspicious accounts or after you reach a certain payment amount ( generally exceeding $600) they require the proper tax documentation and sometimes photo copies of your identification.

    Common Sense and Value:

    Zergys generally pays based on the writer's abilities by allowing them access to articles of their skill set. Most articles pay about 2 cents per word or more. Which means the writer can make the $20 your offering by completing just one article.

    Writer Access - Writers are generally treated the same way except there are random audits where they may require additional information especially with the security changes going into place after the first of the year. The amount of work is sparse but when they do get work in the amount generally surpasses 500 articles, they only allow you to claim about 1 -5 each time and there are skilled workers whom snatch those up before you can even log into to view the articles.

    Your asking someone to risk their tax information ( because lets face it, even if they register as themselves, during the tax season they will be the ones responsible for paying ALL the taxes on any money you've made with the sites because they indeed report to the IRS. So if you make $2,000, the person whom registered has to pay over $300 in taxes back to the IRS even though they didn't see a cent of the income), not to mention the quality standards they uphold ( if the poster was a prolific writer, they would simply apply and receive access based on their literary value versus buying accounts, having articles rejected for poor composition and disabling the actual applicant from being able to apply again in the future based on the bad reputation/ content the purchaser has placed on them), Why exactly would anyone sell you an account?

    Apply for your own accounts.

    Anyone can make more than $20 per article if they get approved to work for either company.

    These kinds of posts annoy me. If your from a country they wont allow access to, then try setting up a partnership with someone who has the account with reasonable guidelines.

    Both accounts pay via Paypal and they verify to make sure the names match during registration or before the first payment.
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