Make 1000's Pushing Social Media Promotional Messages Using ScrapeBox Contact Form SPAM

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    So I figured I'd be posting this due to it being something uniquely created to blast your sales through the roof with a stupid easy tactic most people overlook.

    ScrabeBox has many functionalities and one of them can be utilized to do an action I see great value in on a consistent basis as well as working in any niche known to man as long as there can be harvested results for it.

    What you need to do is check out this thread posted by a member awhile back to get the gist of it all and understand a process already broken down...

    You can find that here >>

    After you understand the basics, you are ready for the more advanced version as seen below broken down for all to comprehend.

    Load up keyword footprints >> Harvest all bulk URL's

    You then must take those niche related comment box queries and process them to be posted with sales copy.

    You can link to a service thread you provide, a Fiverr URL or simply a reply message to email them manually (not recommended) ...

    What you will be doing is providing a message to each comment box (don't worry it can be without spintax) >> directing the messages attention to your service to blast a tweet, shoutout or simply a photo message on Tumblr or any relevant FaceBook page.

    Once you load the message for the comment form, process and narrow down the list to prevent duplicate websites and keyword rich URL's you now then can blast your comment form message to draw in interested prospects and start selling your service.

    Here is an even less broad example:

    Load FootPrints > Harvest keyword pages > Blast your comment form > Wait & monitor the impact / results on your social media message promotional service (Fiverr/Web Forum/Google or other notable request form.

    Figure it this way, you send a million contact form requests for a Twitter tweet or Instagram shoutout with a conversion rate of .025% you will get a couple hundred per blast and can count cards, blow your numbers and rake in the dough.

    This is just one stupid easy way to process volume requests and avoid waiting years for similar results.

    Consider this one use you never thought ScrapeBox, the #1 tool for BlackHatters could ever be used for.

    Since these messages get sent to webmasters just like you and I, you know what social media exposure is worth for any site.

    All you need is an established social page, HootSuite to schedule tweets and then of course your mighty ScrapeBox.
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